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Pongee Industries


Despite the economic crisis, Pongee Industries sales grew in 2009. The company expects growth to increase this year. Overseas markets include Europe, the U.S., Southeast Asia and South Africa. About 70 percent of its sales revenue was generated overseas from OEM/ ODM. "We sell to Hong Kong, the U.S. and the South America by OEM and ODM sales," said Samuel Lin, GM.

PoS and customizable features are highly in demand. R&D will continue to advance for both front-end and backend devices. "Our goal is to grow with balance," said Lin. "We will continue to learn the firmware skills required to make high-end product with more features." Module-based products will also be a focus, with product customization being key. The company will continue its R&D advancement. "Our long range RFID technology can receive signals up to 8 meters," Lin said.

The companies will continue its R&D progress in both software and hardware development. Development efforts will allow products to have higher market compatibility and further enable building automation. pongee indusTries