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QNAP Systems
Jacky Cheng, Product Manager


Found in 2004, QNAP Systems pledged to become the world's leading network attached storage (NAS) and NVR solution provider. Sales grew for the company in 2009, with the U.S. having the highest growth. Focusing on the mid- to high-end applications, its major markets include Europe, Japan and the U.S. Its top product for the year was a scalable storage solution, with a Linux management platform.

NAS and NVR data storage technology are its major strengths. "We sell through our own brand," said Jacky Cheng, Product Manager. "To protect our brand, we focus on product quality rather than price reduction." All of QNAP's products are tested in Japan before their release. R&D forms the core of the company. Currently, there are about 35 to 40 percent of the company's personnel in R&D. An additional 40 percent investment is made each year. Quality control is also important. "Our stand-alone Linux NVR hardware and software are all made in-house," said Cheng.

Chain store application will be QNAP's target application. The company will emphasize integration with third-party systems, PoS functions, access control and central management software. In the future, the company will also start its OEM business. Security and IT will be more closely integrated in the near future. User friendliness will be a focus. "Linux is increasingly used, with easier to use interfaces," Cheng said.