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Marco Krämer, Marketing Manager


With more than 23 years of experience in the scanner industry, Plustek has accumulated professional experience in imaging and shifted from static images to dynamic motion. Despite the financial crisis, surveillance demand increased. Under its own brand, Plustek offered a variety of products targeting Europe, Germany and Taiwan this year. Transportation, fire departments and police statiosn are its major applications, with offerings in mobile and compact NVRs.

Scanner technology makes the core of Plustek's surveillance R&D. "By working with leading cameras manufacturers, it helps us to better customize our solutions for different verticals," said Marco Krämer, Marketing Manager. Good customer service is also key for total solutions providers. "Having good relationships with component companies is also important for us, to receive good component prices that enabled us to offer our customers affordable prices."

In the future, Plustek will focus on the integration of products and transmission technology to optimize product performance. "We want to develop higher performance NVRs with compact design and larger hard-disk capacity," Krämer said. "GPS networks, wireless real-time data streaming and fiber gates will be made available." In addition to technology improvements , Plustek will expand its NVR channels in North America, the U.K., Japan, Northern Europe, Singapore, Brazil, Russia and China.