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Andy Lee, CCTV Product Marketing Manager


AVTECH has provided cost-effective video surveillance solutions worldwide since 1996. With its own brand established in 2007, 50 percent of its 2009 sales came from branded products, with the rest from OEM sales. About 90 percent of sales were generated overseas. Southern and Western Europe, Southeast Asia and India, and the Americas are its major markets. Sales were only slightly affected by the global economic downturn in 2009. The company expects 15 to 20 percent growth this year.

AVTECH strengthened its analog product line with IVS DVR systems and intelligent 3-G DVRs. It also offers total IP-based solution featuring management software for up to 96 channels, with remote surveillance capabilities. "We develop our own ASIC, and our SoCs are of good quality. All products are designed in-house with a unique electrical board design," said Andy Lee, CCTV Product Marketing Manager. AVTECH will expand its reach from mid-end markets to higher-end markets, with its network camera line and IVS DVR systems.

The company adopted a solution and project-based approach in 2010. Software development will be a focus, with the establishment of the Business Unit team. Branding is a long-term goal for AVTECH. "Our goal is to have over 70 percent of sales generated from our own brand," Lee said.