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Korenix Technology
Armine Beybutyan, Product Sales and Marketing Manager


Korenix Technology, focused in industrial networking and computing solutions, has an extensive track record in providing innovative, market-oriented and value-focused solutions. In 2009, the company experienced 20 percent sales growth, which is expected to hold steady for this year. All Korenix products are sold through its own brand. The Americas, Europe and developing countries are its target markets.

Innovative technology and strong marketing skills are Korenix's major strengths. "We have our own R&D center and we supply solutions to our customer," said Armine Beybutyan, Product Sales and Marketing Manager. Flexibility is key to product development. Other than offering standard PoE switches, Korenix also offers high-power PoE switches. "Our booster PoE switches are best suited for the transportation segment," Beybutyan said. Its current applications include video surveillance, public safety, multisite surveillance and vehicle transit services. “More market education helps to make users realize the differences between commercial and industrial-grade products," Beybutyan said.

In the future, Korenix will continue to partner with network camera manufacturers. "We are focusing on integrated video surveillance solutions," Beybutyan said. "The need for high-power PoE switches will also increase."