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Taiwan Batag
Windy Wang, Overseas Sales Manager


Taiwan Batag, with more than 10 years of professional RFID experience, was founded from established barcode and telecom companies. Despite the global economic downturn, the company enjoyed slight growth in 2009 and expects the same for this year. Europe and the U.S. are its largest markets. Providing fast service is a goal for Taiwan Batag. The company has local sales and support agents in the U.K. and US distribution channels to quickly respond to its OEM customers.

Taiwan Batag carefully studies the latest technology trends to develop the best solution, such as its most recently launched UHF tags. Antennas in readers and RFID tag packaging are its core competence. "To produce innovative products, we participate in seminars and continue to look for new materials," said Windy Wang, Overseas Sales Manager. Price and quality are managed well. "Other than narrowing margins and keeping system quality, we try to simplify production process and look for quality materials with lower costs," Wang said.

Taiwan Batag will develop advanced technology to increase its market share. "We are developing UHF tags used on metal tools for long-range detection," Wang said. "Solutions designed for the textile industry will need slim and laundry-washable UHF tags. Anti-fraud tags are also on their way."