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Climax Technology
Michael Chang, CEO


Climax Technology has a tradition of international business since 1985.
With America and Europe as its largest overseas markets, the company sells solely through its OEM business. Climax offers customized solutions for specific customers and market needs. The company provides video verificaion, which enables real-time reomote monitoring. For health care, the company makes professional wireless medical alarm systems with two-way voice communication quality, showing its commitment to integration. Climax enjoyed 6-percent sales growth in 2009 and expects 15-percent growth this year.

Climax's core is in wireless technologies, such as RF, ZigBee and Z-Wave. The R&D team makes up about one-third of its staff. "Climax supports the advancement of its R&D team through expansion and continuous training," said Michael Chang, CEO. The company has shipped products with IP-based and GSM technologies for more than two years, serving home security needs. Targeting the high-end market, Climax will develop more value-added features. "We offer total solutions with advanced value-added features. All of our products are made by standard production procedures," Chang said.

Climax will focus on integration, such as home automation tied with power savings.
"We will strengthen our existing partnerships in North America and Europe, while actively expanding other markets worldwide," Chang said.