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EtherWAN Systems
Laurence Lin, Executive VP


EtherWAN Systems has a global outlook, with headquarters in both the U.S. and Taiwan. Founded in 1996, the company has been successful in intelligent transportation systems. EtherWAN provides complete solutions for IP-security networks, from luxury rooms to unshielded harsh environments. The company is involved in renewable energy, smart grid, oil and mining, fiber-to-the-home and factory automation. The company enjoyed 20-percent growth in 2009 and expects 25- to 30-percent growth this year. Africa, Australia and the Asia Pacific region are its fastest growing markets.

Customization is key. "To make products suitable for a wide range of installations, we developed application-specific functions," said Laurence Lin, Executive VP. "For example, users require PoE and DC-to-DC converters for rolling-stock installations." About 30 to 35 percent of its staff is devoted to R&D. The company emphasizes flexibility with its all-in-one switch. It integrates PoE with an Ethernet extender to allow transmission over fiber optics, phone lines and coaxial cables.

EtherWAN is developing its own brand, expecting to generate 40 percent of sales from branded solutions. "Critical infrastructure in the EMEA region will be our focus," Lin said. An application lab was established this year to perform product tests for specific verticals. "Value-added products are increasingly needed in surveillance installations. To satisfy this requirement, we make tailor-made products for specific installations," Lin said.