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Compro Technology
Alice Ko, Security Business Unite, Sales & Marketing Director


With a background in TV tuning and media player production, Compro Technology released its first network camera in 2010. With export experience since 1988, 70 percent of its overall sales revenue was generated overseas. "We are targeting the worldwide market with a focus on luxury homes and apartments, where high-level security is required. Regions such as Japan, Europe and APAC are our emphasis," said Alice Ko, Security Business Unite, Sales & Marketing Director. "We want to continue enhancing our brand image and value with strengthened sales channels,” Ko said. “For 2011, we are expecting double growth."

R&D is its core, making two-third of company investments. "We are strong in the design and production of high-level security solutions," said Ko. With strong belief in quality control, Compro develops and manufactures all systems in-house. Branding is key to Compro, with 60 percent of sales generates from its own brand. Video servers, network bullet cameras and 3-G or Wi-Max wireless solutions are available.

While branding will continue to be of great importance to Compro, the company also plans to increase OEM/ODM sales. "Our goal is to have 40 percent of sales generated from branding," said Ko. Russia, the U.K., and Australia will be its future focus markets.