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Asoni Communications
Heidi Chen, Director of Sales and Marketing


Dedicated in developing network surveillance solutions, Asoni Communications had a 25-percent sales increase in 2009 and expects more than 30 percent of growth this year. About 70 percent of sales were generated from its own brand. Its major overseas markets were Northern Europe and the Middle East, which brought in about 70 percent of sales.

Both R&D and sales are valuable assets to Asoni. Its R&D makes up about 50 percent of the company's staff, with 60 percent of revenue devoted to the team annually. Both its hardware and software are R&D in house with production outsourced. Its network cameras, stand-alone and PC-based DVRs all deployed progressive H.264 compression. Intelligent and value-add software features such as lost object found and face detection are available. "Being an application-oriented company, we aim to provide one-stop shopping for customers. Our software is standardized and bundled with hardware for distribution," said Heidi Chen, Director of Sales and Marketing.

In the future, Asoni will dedicate itself to increasing user confidence for branded products. "We believe that actual applications are more important than brand names," said Chen. "We choose our components carefully, and we will continue to make progress in R&D with better compression methods and hardware enhancement."