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Korenix Launches New Firmware in JetWave 2450 Outdoor 802.11n Wireless AP to support Routing & Optimized Management for Enhanced Wireless Video Streaming!

Korenix releases a new Firmware in its JetWave 2450 Outdoor Wireless 802.11n Access Point with additional routing functionality, more operating modes and optimized parameters for enhancing wireless video transmission performance and bringing more flexibility in outdoor surveillance applications.

Some of the new features which are supported by the firmware, are the integrated basic routing protocols, such as the PPPoE, NAT, Firewall, DHCP which will ease administrators work in large mobile applications by efficiently managing different wireless network groups. The JetWave 2450 with the enhanced firmware, in addition to Base Station, CPE, P2P and P2MP operating modes, will provide 2 more modes for flexible connectivity: the WDS mode for establishing wireless connectivity with other APs by a simple key in of remote MAC address, and AP Repeater mode for simultaneous operation of the device as AP and Bridge.

Using the additional Ping Watchdog function, the JetWave 2450 users will be able to perform automatic system reboot in case of connection loss.

Other than these, the new firmware will provide optimized boot time for faster booting of JetWave 2450, optimized outdoor distance parameters for achieving performance enhancements as well as statistics improvements for user’s easy monitor and diagnosis.

Following are the changes which apply to the v1.0.3 Firmware:

* Addition of :
o Basic Router, which contains:
a) PPPoE/ DHCP client/ Static b) NAT c) DHCP Server d) Firewall
o Wireless Distribution System (WDS) operating mode
o AP Repeater operating mode
o “STP Forward Delay” item
o Ping Watchdog function
o Reset Setting to Default “include IP Address” icon. After click, the IP address can be reset to default as well.

* Optimization of system’s boot time
* Optimization of outdoor distance parameters
* Statistic improvement:
a) ARP table b) Bridge table

To download the new firmware, Click here!

The JetWave 2450 is an IEEE 802.11b/g/n compliant Wireless Outdoor Access Point designed to provide increased speed, range and outstanding performance for the most demanding high-bandwidth wireless networking applications. Users can benefit from its IEEE802.11n technology to ensure 3 times higher data rate and therefore, extend up to 5KM wireless coverage with reduced roaming between APs and stable data transmission. With 8dBi flat panel directional antenna and additional N-Type socket for optional antenna, users can flexibly deploy the JetWave 2450 for their specific long distance line-of-sight applications and/or extend transmission by overlaying multiple radio signals.

Additionally, the outstanding wireless transmission performance and security is guaranteed through the supported features such as the spanning tree protocol for avoiding loop storm, QoS (WMM) for prioritizing classes, NTP for network time synchronization as well as WEP, WPA, WPA2 and MAC filter for powerful data encryption and secure network access.

Combining all the new firmware enhancements of the upgraded Firmware to its rugged design with 20~70oC operating temperature, the JetWave 2450 series become excellent solutions for expanding reliable wireless data transmission in harsh outdoor environments.

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