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Subway PIS Application

Advanced transportation system technologies such as Passenger Information System (PIS) are being widely deployed by many urban transit systems worldwide in order to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, improve service quality and secure for passengers. To ensure the high quality of these information systems, reliable network infrastructures must be deployed with networking equipment, capable of resisting the unfavorable conditions of underground surroundings such as vibration and shock, dust, temperature changes and etc.
Korenix offered an ideal solution to above challenges – the JetNet 6910G-M12 PoE switch provides high power PoE connectivity to the power hungry devices as well as the JetNet 5010G managed switches for ensuring reliable high bandwidth data transmission in extended networks.
The JetNet 6910G-M12 high power PoE switch has been installed in the railcars to deliver up to 30W power per port and 100W per unit by IEEE 802.3at PoE to the high-end IP cameras and PoE-enabled monitors. Using the uplink gigabit ports, the switches with MSR network redundancy technology were capable of forming gigabit rings to transfer the high bandwidth video streams from the railcars to the control room and meanwhile collect from the rooms all the commands and information for displaying on LCD screens. The long distance connectivity between the railcars and the control room was achieved by the SFP combo ports of the JetNet 5010G managed gigabit switches, which allowed forming gigabit fiber networks.

The network reliability and real-time video and data transmission were further guaranteed by the Korenix patented RSR network redundancy technology with less than 5ms recovery time. With the advanced management features of the managed JetNet & JetPoE switches, such as QoS, optimized IGMP snooping, VLAN traffic isolation,…. Administrators were capable of ensuring the high quality and efficient video transmission. Moreover, using the LLDP and Korenix NMS, they automatically visualized topology and performed efficient network management while reducing overall maintenance efforts and costs.
With rugged M12 connectors and the wide operating temperature, the switches provided vibration/ shock protection and reliable data transmission in underground railways becoming the perfect devices for upgrading the PIS and improving passenger safety in modern subways.

Main Products
★ JetNet 6910G Industrial 8 PoE + 2G Managed M12 Power Booster PoE Switch
★ JetNet 5010G Industrial Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Why JetNet 6910G-M12
8 10/100 Base TX PoE and 2 Gigabit uplink ports
Solid M12 D-coded connectors to protect from vibration applications such as PoE in Tram, Rail, or Highway
8 PoE ports support IEEE 802.3af / 802.3at standards with 100W total power budget
Built-in Isolated 24V to 57V DC PoE Booster for vehicle use / 110VDC input
5.6Gbps switch Fabric, 8K MAC address
All ports support Korenix patented RSR with 5ms recovery time, and MSR for up to 4 x 100M Rings plus 1 Gigabit Ring
IEEE 802.1AB LLDP and optional Korenix NMS software for auto-topology and group management
Tag VLAN for multiple VLAN traffic isolation and QinQ for private VLAN
LACP port trunk for bandwidth aggregation in video surveillance
Auto Power Budget Control with Thermal Detection
Alarm Relay output for port event
AC 1.2KV Hi-Pot Isolation Protection for ports and power
EN50155 Railway Standard certificate
EN 50121-4 EMC certification for railway installations
-40~70°C wide operating temperature

Why JetNet 5010G
7+ 3 Giga SFP combo ports for flexible applications with reduced costs
Korenix patented MSR, with fiber/ copper Fast Ethernet and Gigabit rings and 5ms recovery time provide reliable and high-performance connectivity
LLDP and Korenix NMS provide auto topology visualization and efficient network management

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