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Korenix Patented Redundancy Technologies in Industrial Managed Switches

In industrial networking environment, stable and seamless transmission is a must. Korenix has developed numerous patented technologies to ensure its products staying robust and reliable.

Korenix Patented Multiple Super Ring (MSR) covers a wide range of redundancy functions including Rapid Super Ring (RSR), Trunk Ring, Multi Ring, Rapid Dual Homing (RDH), and Super Chain, can recover the broken ring in a short period of time that users can hardly notice.

-Rapid Super Ring: Korenix RSR technology features on failover time can reach 5ms and zero restoration time. Moreover, it supports hybrid link media and speed, allows the existence of fiber and copper link in a single ring.
Korenix RSR is highly recommended to improve the redundancy of ring topology

-Trunk Ring: Korenix Trunk Ring increases the ring bandwidth from 100M to 1000M, allows multiple redundant capabilities. The user can transmit larger data within a shorter time.
Korenix Trunk Ring is highly recommended to be applied in applications with large bandwidth requirement

-Multi Ring: Korenix Multi Ring supports up to 16 rings on a single switch, is backward compatible, can aggregate all RSR rings to one switch.
Korenix JetNet 5428G/6528Gf with Multi Ring technology support 100M and Gigabit Ring, are best applied in control centers to surveil places such as factories.

-Rapid Dual Homing: Korenix Rapid dual homing is designed for flexible uplink interconnections including 1 to 1, 1 to N, N to 1, N to N, individual and/or trunk connection. It features on easy deployment, fast recovery, and robust networking.
Korenix Rapid Dual Homing is applied to increase redundancies when there is requirement of up-link connection to other network.

-Super Chain: Korenix Super Chain is used to increase redundancy mechanism when adding new switches from existing network without deployment change. It improves flexibility, scalability, and compatibility of the entire topology.
Korenix Super Chain is suitable for multiple industries when enlarging the topology scale and improvement of redundancy are needed.

Korenix Multiple Super Ring technology has been applied in Korenix managed switches such as industrial rackmount Ethernet switches- JetNet 6528Gf and Din-rail PoE managed switches, for example, JetNet 6910G-M12.

For more selections of products with Korenix patented redundancy technologies, please refer to: Industrial Rackmount Ethernet Switches, Industrial Din-Rail Ethernet Switches, Industrial Rackmount PoE Switches, and Industrial Din-Rail PoE Switches.

About Korenix: Korenix Technology, a Beijer Electronics Group Company, is devoted to designing and manufacturing high quality Industrial Ethernet and Wireless Products to ensure high quality and reliability of industrial networks.
Tel: +886-2-8911-1000
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