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JetBox 9300, the 5-in-1 Networking Computer for a Simple and Secure Surveillance Network Construction!

Focusing on the high-end IP-based surveillance market, JetBox 9300, the Korenix patented Networking Computer, consolidates Industrial Computer, Router, Managed Ethernet Switch, Serial Device Server and Digital I/O Controller functionalities into an all-in-one solution. Versatile features of JetBox 9300 make it the best solution for advanced security and IP surveillance applications.

Major features of JetBox 9300 are:

1. Industrial Computer: JetBox 9300 is a RISC-based embedded computer. The built-in Linux OS and essential network applications make it a powerful security and IP surveillance engine. JetBox Linux SDK is also provided for users to develop their own security and surveillance applications.

2. Router: JetBox 9300 has one WAN port and four LAN ports by default. With its IP routing, NAT and DMZ features, video streams can be routed to internet, which makes multi-site surveillance feasible.

3. 5-port 10/100TX Managed Ethernet Switch: JetBox 9300 can also be configured as a 5-port Managed Ethernet Switch, which acts as a network platform for security control and surveillance monitoring.

4. 4-port Serial Device Server: JetBox 9300 has 4 serial interfaces to connect to access and security control devices, such as card readers, cameras, speakers. JetBox 9300 also supports serial-to-Ethernet technology to read and remotely control the RS232/422/485 interfaces through Ethernet.

5. Digital I/O Control: Digital I/O devices are basic elements of security control. JetBox 9300 carries 4 DI and 4 DO channels for user to integrate alarms, indicators, and sensors into their security system.

In addition to the 5-in-1 advanced features, JetBox 9300 outstanding mechanical design makes it capable to work in harsh environments and resist wide operating temperature in open-pit mines and vibration on railcars. With JetBox 9300, advanced security and IP surveillance can be integrated in a compact small box for deployment in intelligent transportation systems, railways, airports, public utilities, and mining areas.

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