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Korenix Rolls out JetBox 9560 – Embedded Linux-based VPN Router Computer with 12~24V Booster PoE for Enhanced Vehicle Surveillance!

Korenix launches the long anticipated JetBox 9560 Industrial Networking Router Computer with the exclusive 12~24V PoE booster technology - the perfect device for high quality video surveillance in transit system deployments.
The Linux computer with mobile network extensibility in addition to its easy-to-use interface of 4 PoE, 1WAN, 3USB, 8 DIO ports, is an all-in-one solution of IP surveillance, ensuring high quality video streaming and wireless communication as well as managing network groups through its complete layer3 functionality. Featuring VPN, it can be perfectly used by IPC providers for establishing long-distance, secure network connections over WAN. In addition, combined with IP31 rugged anti-vibration/shock design the JetBox 9560 programmable computer becomes the best solution for large-scale surveillance network infrastructures in vehicles, railcars, and other severe industrial applications.

Exclusive Embedded 12~24V Booster for Transit Surveillance
JetBox 9560 is designed with Korenix patented vehicle PoE technology which makes the deployment of standard 802.3af PoE IP cameras feasible on bus, railcar, ship, etc… The device uses the 12-24V DC source power and with its built-in power booster, transfers it to 48V to power up the standard IP cameras.

Mobile Expansion for Wireless Connectivity
The computer has an outstanding design and allows using optional miniPCIe and SIM slots for providing wireless transmission and GPS location tracking.

Effective Group Management via Layer3 Routing
With complete Layer 3 Routing capabilities, JetBox 9560 is capable of inspecting incoming packets and makes dynamic routing decisions based on the source and destination addresses inside to achieve a better network group management.

Efficient and Secure VPN Networking
IPC providers can benefit from the VPN functionality of the system to expand networking capabilities and reduce system costs by establishing long-distance and secured network connections over WAN. In addition to the VPN, the JetBox 9560 also incorporates DMVPN, which allows effectively building and managing dynamic secure overlay networks.

Performance-Optimized Embedded Linux Computing
JetBox 9560 is a wonderful embedded Linux system for front-end industrial control applications. It can execute customized Linux programs. Linux beginners can benefit from the user-friendly web UI—Webmin for easily manipulating the network or device related settings. Moreover, with the Korenix Auto-Run customization setting on SD card, users can develop their own customized industrial control applications making the industrial network management easier and more flexible.

With the vehicle-specific power input and the mobile communication enhancement the JetBox 9560 is the most powerful embeddable control system for surveillance in vehicle systems.

About Korenix
Korenix Technology, a Beijer Electronics Group Company, is a World Leader in IP Surveillance Networking, dedicated in developing the most innovative and state-of-the-art products to ensure your video quality and reliability. Along with our expertise in IP networking, the solutions encompass the IEEE 802.3af PoE and IEEE 802.3at High power PoE Switches, Video-optimized Gigabit Ethernet and Waterproof Ethernet Switches, Long Distance Wireless Outdoor APs and Programmable PoE Routing Computers, for surveillance anytime, anywhere and for any purposes.

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