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Korenix JetNet 4506-RJ Rugged Ethernet Switch Secures the Network Communication for Ticket Automation and IP Surveillance on Tram!

Korenix JetNet 4506-RJ, the IP67 rugged Ethernet switch, has been recently deployed for a ticket automation and IP surveillance system on a tram. In combination with its robust RJ45 connectors, JetNet 4506-RJ reduces the wiring costs and ensures reliable communication against the constant vibration and shock on the moving vehicle. Its outstanding network management features deliver high quality and secure network communication in an extreme location.

Environmentally friendly urban development policies all over the world make Ethernet tram the future trend of smart transportation systems. These Ethernet vehicles are integrating secure and reliable multifunctional solutions. One of such an example is the deployment of on-tram ticketing systems integrated with the IP surveillance and multimedia solutions. The multifunctional systems require devices which can overcome vibration and shock on moving vehicles and provide efficient network management tools for high quality video transmission.

Regular RJ45 connectors used in such networking devices usually experience link failure and data loss under harsh exploitation conditions. That is why the legacy solutions to vibration isolation, the M12 connectors are used; however, they require soldering and their deployment results in high wiring costs. This means that, in order to have a reliable, cost-effective connection and to overcome the vibration/shock on a vehicle, a rugged RJ45 connector is needed.

For the tram company Korenix JetNet 4506-RJ appeared to be the best solution, which solved all these problems and in addition reduced wiring costs of the total system providing fast and easy system installation. Equipped with rugged IP67 grade RJ45 connectors JetNet 4506-RJ provided great protection eliminating link loss and data failure from constant vibration and shock.

The JetNet 4506-RJ rugged switch works as an intermediate device assuring the data transmission from transit magnetic ticket validators and multimedia devices to the central room through GPS boards. It simultaneously sends the video streams captured from IP cameras to the mobile NVR.

The JetNet 4506-RJ features next generation redundancy protocol –Rapid Super Ring, which recovers any link failure and data loss within 5 ms providing a reliable video transmission. Besides, the VLAN and QoS management functions of JetNet 4506-RJ guarantee the high quality of the video transmission, and the optimized IGMP Query/Snooping prevents multicast traffic from flooding the network ensuring the high quality and efficient multicast multimedia traffic delivery to the tram. The versatile management interfaces of JetNet 4506-RJ reduce maintenance efforts and costs and make JetNet4506-RJ the best solution for this all-in-one tram application.

Key features of JetNet 4506-RJ are:

* Six 10/100 TX auto-negotiation ports with IP67 grade RJ45 connectors
* Environmentally sealed by IP67 grade protection and ultra rugged enclosure for toughest industrial usages
* Rugged power interface by robust M12 connector
* Patented Rapid Super Ring technology (RSR) with failover time less than 5ms and seamless restoration (restoration time is zero)
* Port-based VLAN, IGMP snooping v1/v2/v3, QoS, and DHCP with option 82
* Security by authorized IP address, SSL and SSH
* Managed by “Cisco-Like” CLI, JetView, Web, SNMP v1/v2c/v3 and RMON
* Event notification by SNMP Trap, Syslog, Fault relay, E-mail
* Built-in hardware watchdog timer for system auto-reset

JetNet 4506-RJ combines the most rugged features and with the workability in wide temperature range it can guarantee the reliable management of the network in trams, railways, metros, buses and other moving vehicles.

About Korenix:
Korenix Technology, the World Leader in IP Surveillance Network, has been dedicated in developing the most innovative and state-of-the-art products to ensure video transmission quality and reliability for various vertical markets. Korenix provides the comprehensive surveillance solutions from the front-end IP camera connection, the middle backbone of network data transmission, to the monitoring room management..

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