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True Peer-to-Peer, Discrete Ethernet I/O!

Korenix releases new JetI/O firmware to support advanced peer-to-peer remote I/O function. With this enhancement, all JetIO modules can interact with one another in a flexible, effective manner by building a real-time network communication and thus allowing users to save energy and reduce network traffic.

The Most Flexible Discrete I/O
All JetIO series, including analog input, analog output, temperature detection, digital input/output models, support the advanced peer-to-peer I/O function. The logic result of IO channels from one JetIO device can be sent to more than one peer JetIO devices without additional intermediate controller and thus modify their channel status.
The communication is very flexible, including “one-to-one”, “one-to-many”, “many-to-one”, as well as “many-to-many” scenarios. With their flexible design, the AO/DO/Counter/Pulse channels can react to the AI/Temperature/DI/Counter channels remotely.

Effective, Truly Remote Peer-to-Peer I/O
While most Ethernet I/O products in the market support limited peer-to-peer function and communicate with one another only by broadcast, all Korenix JetIO series support peer-to-peer function, thus communicating more effectively. Unlike broadcasting communication, where the broadcast packets are limited within a LAN segment, each JetIO device with advanced peer-to-peer I/O function can configure with up to 8 Unicast IP addresses of the peers. This greatly reduces network traffic, saves all devices’ computing power, as well as makes peer-to-peer activity across a LAN segment easily.

Major features of JetIO models are:

* Flexible peer-to-peer I/O through one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many communication
* Unicast for network efficiency and true remote I/O
* Free OPC server
* Support Modbus/TCP, window utility and GUI web page for easy configuration
* Operating temperature -25~70℃
* IP31 case protection

In addition to the already flexible and rugged design of JetIO, these features make the interoperable and cost-effective JetIO series the best choice for environmental monitoring, transportation systems, building and home automation, as well as for applications in emerging security and surveillance markets.

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