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Matrix's COSEC VYOM, a Cloud-Based Attendance System, Enhances Efficiency across Various Locations for a UK-based Indian Multinational Public Sector Bank.
Source: Matrix Comsec
Application Cloud-Based Attendance System, Access Control
Users 275
Industry BFSI
Credential RFID Card
Deployment On-Cloud
Location United Kingdom (14 Locations)

Company Profile

As an Indian multinational public sector bank, this financial services entity plays a crucial role in bolstering India’s economy, addressing the diverse needs of its vast customer base. In the United Kingdom, this institution has been active since the early 1900s, gradually growing to become the largest Indian bank in the UK. Initially, its focus in the UK market was on wholesale banking, but it has since expanded its offerings to include a dedicated retail arm. Operating 11 branches across the UK, it provides a wide range of financial products and services tailored to both commercial and individual clients. These include commercial lending, buy-to-let mortgages, cash ISAs, safe deposit lockers, instant access savings accounts, business accounts, and fixed deposits.


Confronted with the challenge of integrating attendance and payroll software, along with the inability to effectively restrict unauthorized access to its secured premises across 14 locations, a prominent financial institution sought a comprehensive multi-location solution. Additionally, the institution faced operational inefficiencies and security concerns due to maintaining separate software platforms for employee directories.

To address these issues, the institution sought an integrated cloud-based attendance system that seamlessly integrates with payroll, enhances access control measures, and consolidates employee directory management. This solution aimed to ensure streamlined operations and heightened security across its premises.

The challenges centered around implementing a cloud-based attendance system and access management processes, as detailed below:
● Need for Integrated Attendance and Payroll Software
The financial institution faced difficulties managing attendance and payroll software separately, resulting in inefficiencies and potential discrepancies in salary processing. There was an urgent need to integrate these systems to ensure seamless data flow and improve payroll management.

● Inadequate Entry and Exit Security Measures
The institution struggled to restrict unauthorized entry and exit into its secured premises, posing significant security risks. Strengthening access control measures was essential to mitigate the threat of unauthorized access and protect personnel and assets.

● Need for a Single Employee Directory
Using different software for employee directories created complexity and inefficiency in administrative processes. It was crucial to consolidate employee directory management into a single platform to ensure accurate, consistent, and easily accessible employee information.

● Need for a Dedicated Server to Safeguard Data Integrity and Compliance
The client had stringent requirements regarding data usage, with a key stipulation being that their main servers could not be used to manage third-party applications. This necessitated the implementation of a separate server or a cloud-based attendance system to host third-party applications and services, ensuring strict data protection measures and compliance with relevant regulations.
These challenges highlighted the need for comprehensive solutions to improve operational efficiency, security, and data management within the financial institution.


To tackle the challenges faced by the financial institution, Matrix delivered comprehensive solutions, including a cloud-based attendance system that transformed its attendance management processes:

● Integration of Events and Payroll Software:
Matrix seamlessly merged the institution's event logs and payroll software, Darwin Box, through API Integration, guaranteeing synchronized data flow. Through this consolidation, Matrix facilitated smooth payroll processing, lessening inefficiencies, and decreasing the likelihood of discrepancies in salary management.

● Enhancement of Entry and Exit Security Measures:
Matrix deployed proactive access control measures to strengthen the institution's premises against unauthorized entry and exit. Utilizing advanced technology, Matrix enhanced security protocols, reducing potential risks and effectively protecting personnel and assets.

● Unified Employee Directory Management:
Matrix unified the institution's management of employee directories by offering a centralized platform. By consolidating employee data, Matrix optimized the system so that -s made in the payroll software would automatically synchronize with the COSEC software, ensuring precise, uniform, and easily accessible vital employee information.

● Implementation of Cloud-based Solution:
Due to a strict restriction on using the COSEC application on their primary server, Matrix proposed and implemented COSEC VYOM, a cloud-based attendance system tailored to their requirements. Moreover, this system was seamlessly linked with their payroll system through API Integration.


Matrix's comprehensive solutions brought significant enhancements across various facets of the financial institution's operations, yielding measurable improvements in efficiency, security, and compliance:

● Efficient Payroll Processing: By integrating event logs and payroll software, Matrix facilitated seamless data flow and streamlined payroll processing. This consolidation minimized inefficiencies and reduced discrepancies in salary management, leading to more accurate and efficient payroll operations.

● Improved Premises Security: Matrix's proactive implementation of access control measures significantly bolstered the institution's security. Leveraging advanced technology, Matrix fortified entry and exit points, mitigating security risks, and effectively safeguarding personnel and assets.

● Centralized Employee Directory Management: Through a unified platform for employee directory management, Matrix streamlined administrative processes and ensured consistency and accuracy in employee data. Changes made in the COSEC application automatically -d the payroll software, reducing manual effort and error.

● Compliance with Data Protection Regulations via Cloud-Based Attendance System: Matrix's provision of COSEC VYOM, a cloud-based attendance system, helped ensure compliance with strict data protection requirements. By segregating data and applications, Matrix improved data integrity and ensured adherence to regulations, minimizing the risk of data breaches and non-compliance penalties.

In summary, Matrix's solutions not only tackled the financial institution's challenges but also delivered tangible enhancements in operational efficiency, security, compliance, and data management. Matrix contributed to the institution's effectiveness and resilience in the financial sector through integrated systems and innovative solutions.
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COSEC ARGO CAM200 MiFare Classic Card-Based Ultra Fast Door Controller

COSEC VYOM TENANT Tenant User License

COSEC VYOM PLATFORM UD10K Cloud-based Platform User License for 10K User Days

COSEC VYOM PLATFORM UD100K Cloud-based Platform User License for 100K User Days

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