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Matrix Partners with Ducem Technologies Pvt. Ltd to Offer HRMS Integration with Paywell HR Payroll Solution
Source: Matrix Comsec
Matrix, a leading OEM manufacturer specializing in Telecom and Security Solutions, has joined hands with Ducem Technologies Pvt. Ltd to provide seamless time-attendance integration with their HR Payroll Solution, Paywell. This strategic collaboration aims to streamline HR processes and enhance organizational efficiency for businesses.
Through this integration, Matrix leverages its expertise in Time-Attendance solutions to facilitate database-level connectivity with Paywell, offering a comprehensive solution for bulk salary payments and accounting operations. By integrating HRMS functionalities with Paywell, Matrix ensures transparency for employees and simplifies attendance operations for organizations.
"Matrix is committed to delivering innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of businesses," said Kaushal Kadakia, Marketing Manager at Matrix. "Our partnership with Ducem Technologies Pvt. Ltd enables us to offer a robust HRMS integration with Paywell, empowering organizations with efficient payroll management and enhanced employee engagement."
Key benefits of this integration with Matrix Time-Attendance Solution include:
● Efficient Payroll Management: The integration with Paywell streamlines payroll processes, reducing manual efforts and minimizing errors in salary calculations.
● Enhanced Transparency: Employees gain visibility into their attendance records and payroll information, fostering trust and transparency within the organization.
● Improved Organizational Efficiency: By automating attendance operations and payroll management, businesses can optimize their resources and focus on core activities, leading to improved operational efficiency.
"We are excited to collaborate with Matrix to deliver a comprehensive HRMS integration solution," said Kaushik Mistry, Director at Ducem Technologies Pvt. Ltd. "By combining Matrix's expertise in Time-Attendance solutions with Paywell's robust HR Payroll Solution, we aim to provide organizations with a seamless and efficient payroll management experience."

About Matrix
Established in 1991, Matrix is a leader in Security and Telecom solutions for modern businesses and enterprises. As a technology-driven, and customer-focused organization, the company is committed to keeping pace with the revolutions in the Security and Telecom industries.
With around 40% of its human resources dedicated to the development of new products, Matrix has launched cutting-edge products like Video Surveillance Systems – Video Management Systems, Network Video Recorders and IP Camera, Access Control and Time-Attendance Systems as well as Telecom Solutions such as Unified Communications, IP-PBX, Universal Gateways, VoIP and GSM Gateways and Communication Endpoints. These solutions are feature-rich, reliable, and conform to international standards.
Having global footprints in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa through an extensive network of more than 4000+ channel partners, Matrix ensures that the products serve the needs of its customers faster and longer.
Matrix has ISO 27001: 2013, 20000-1 2018, 14001- 2015, and 9001: 2015 certifications for quality management standards. Matrix has also been awarded ZED Quality Certification, and DSIR Certification for indigenous R&D and Manufacturing. Matrix has gained the trust and admiration of customers representing the entire spectrum of industries.

About Ducem Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Ducem Technologies Pvt Ltd is a globally renowned provider of cutting-edge and cost-effective software solutions, tailored to meet the unique requirements of its clients. With a strong focus on client satisfaction, the company offers a wide range of customized Payroll and ERP products, alongside innovative application development services, integrated mobile app development, and cloud-based solutions. Ducem Technologies excels in delivering solutions swiftly and cost-effectively, even in the most complex environments.

Ducem Technologies is dedicated to accelerating the success of businesses of all sizes by equipping them with advanced technical tools. Guided by a deep understanding of consumer needs and a steadfast commitment to success, the company's team comprises subject matter experts who collaborate to deliver unparalleled technical expertise to clients. Committed to fostering creativity and upholding excellence within the industry, Ducem Technologies strives to continuously innovate and provide exceptional solutions.

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