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Matrix Network Cameras and SATATYA SAMAS - Video Management Software Secure One of the Busiest Airports in India
Source: Matrix Comsec
Customer Name: An Airport in India
Industry: Transportation, Government
Location: India

Company Profile
The airport, named after a notable historical figure, serves as a key transportation hub for both domestic and seasonal international flights in its region. Serving over 11 lakh passengers a year, it ranks as one of the busiest airports in terms of passenger and aircraft movements. The terminal building at this airport is spread over 26,936 square meters and has 14 check-in counters, 4 immigration counters for departures, and 6 immigration counters for arrivals. Located near major transportation arteries, it offers convenient access to travelers from various directions.

Business Scenario:

With a growing number of passengers and flights at the airport, a new terminal was recently constructed at this airport. To facilitate the security of passengers and staff at this terminal building, they required a robust video surveillance solution that could ensure 24x7 recording capabilities. Without adequate surveillance coverage, this airport was vulnerable to security threats such as perimeter breaches, theft, vandalism, and terrorist activities.


Ensuring passenger and staff safety: Being one of the busiest airports in the state, the absence of a video surveillance system was risking the safety of passengers and staff from potential threats like theft of personal belongings or other such criminal activities.

Continuous monitoring with redundancy: The airport wanted continuous 24x7 monitoring with a dual setup ensuring that surveillance operations continued uninterrupted even in the event of equipment failure or maintenance downtime.

Ensuring cargo safety: The airport faced challenges in ensuring the safety and security of cargo leading to risks such as theft, tampering, and damage during handling and transportation processes.

Regulatory Non-compliance risk: Without adequate surveillance systems, the airport was facing the risk of non-compliance with security regulations, which could lead to penalties and legal liabilities.


The entire airport terminal was covered with Matrix Project Series Bullet, Dome, and PTZ Cameras to provide extensive coverage.

Matrix Project Series Bullet IP Cameras were deployed in/at:
Outdoor public spaces such as drop-off zones and walkways: To monitor crowd movements and enhance overall security.
Cargo handling areas: To monitor the loading and unloading of cargo and ensure compliance with security protocols.

Matrix Project Series Dome IP Cameras were deployed in/at:
Main entrances and exits: To monitor the flow of passengers and detect any suspicious behavior.
Check-in Counters: To oversee passenger interactions and baggage handling.
Baggage claim areas: To monitor baggage claim areas and prevent theft or tampering of luggage.
Retail areas: Placed in retail shops and duty-free zones to deter shoplifting and ensure security for both customers and staff.

Matrix PTZ Cameras were deployed at:
Elevated structures overlooking runways and aprons: To provide a panoramic view enabling operators to zoom in on specific aircraft or incidents.
These cameras also aided in monitoring critical infrastructure such as control towers, fueling stations, and power substations, providing close-up views for detailed inspection and surveillance.

Matrix SATATYA SAMAS - Video Management Software was deployed at two locations within the terminal. The first location served as a primary control center for monitoring and managing video surveillance feeds, and coordinating security responses. The second location served as a secondary control center. This could be used in case of failures or emergencies at the primary control center, ensuring the continuity of surveillance operations. Also, different users at two different locations could manage and monitor the camera streams, if needed.

Products Offered:

Enterprise Video Management Software

Matrix License Dongle 200 (1No.)
USB Dongle to Run Matrix SATATYA SAMAS

License for Adding 20 Additional Cameras

License for Adding 5 Additional Cameras

3 Concurrent User Licence for Smart Client and Mobile Client

2MP IR Dome Motorized Varifocal 2.8-12mm with Audio

2MP IR Bullet Motorized Varifocal 2.8-12mm with Audio

2MP PTZ Camera 33x Zoom with Audio


Matrix IP Cameras provided full coverage at the new terminal building. The superior image quality enabled security personnel to identify potential threats quickly. The motorized varifocal lens in Matrix IP Cameras enabled zooming in for specific details when required.

Matrix PTZ IP Cameras provided 360° surveillance and up to 33x zoom, providing perimeter security at the airport.

Matrix IP Cameras are cyber-secure, complying with the OWASP ASVS 4.0 L2 norms, certified by STQC, Delhi. This helps in safeguarding sensitive surveillance footage, maintaining network integrity, and complying with stringent cybersecurity regulations.

Matrix IP cameras are also NDAA compliant, which helped in meeting the regulatory standard requirements at the Airport.

The dual setup of Matrix Video Management Software helped in providing redundancy to the surveillance system, ensuring continuous monitoring and recording even in the event of equipment failures, network disruptions, or other unforeseen circumstances. It also allowed for distributed monitoring and management capabilities, enhancing overall surveillance effectiveness.

Features like Day Highlights and Time-lapse in Matrix Video Management Software aided airport security teams in leveraging intelligent search functionalities to conduct thorough investigations quickly.

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