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A Fertilizer Industry In Senegal Employed a Matrix Communication Solution To Unify Its Sites Into a Cohesive Network.
Source: Matrix Comsec
Multi-location Solution, Hybrid Communication solution, VoIP-PRI Gateway, VoIP-FXO-FXS Gateway, PBX Server for Unified Communication


Products offered:
? Matrix ANANT UCS: PBX Server for Unified Communication
? Matrix SETU VTEP 2P: VoIP-PRI Gateway
? Matrix SETU VFXTH: VoIP-FXO-FXS Gateway
? Matrix ETERNITY PENX: Hybrid PBX

? Senegal

Company Overview:
The client functions as a prominent producer of phosphate fertilizers in Sub-Saharan Africa. They began mining phosphate rock in the early 1960s and started producing phosphoric acid in the late 1980s. Their extensive industrial facility, located in Senegal, includes various sites such as Mining, an Acid Plant, a Fertilizer site, and a power plant. They mainly export their phosphoric acid to India and distribute their fertilizer products within West Africa and globally.

The client had a pressing requirement to connect multiple sites and consolidate them using a single communication platform. Additionally, they were in search of a hybrid communication solution that could support both modern and traditional networks. Their needs can be outlined as follows:

? Hybrid Communication Solution: Deploy a blend of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and conventional networks to enhance communication efficiency.

? Multilocation Solution: Create connectivity among various locations and merge them onto a unified platform to streamline communication effectively.

? Additional Features: Specifically desired functionalities like Call Accounting and Billing to streamline daily administrative duties and operations across multiple sites. Moreover, the integration of a public address system through the CO line at the power plant was crucial to guarantee the prompt communication of vital instructions to workers, whether in routine activities or emergency situations.

Matrix, collaborating with Bintech, developed a Hybrid Communication solution tailored for this industrial leader. The solution had to address the challenge of linking remote locations while also leveraging the existing traditional networks preferred by the industry. While there was an opportunity to modernize through VoIP connectivity, analog terminals were also essential components of the solution.
The Matrix solution includes:
? Two SETU VTEPs and a PRI Gateway extended an IP Connection to the ANANT, a server-based PBX, located at both the MINE and ACID sites. At the MINE, there were five ETERNITY GENX platforms, and at the ACID site, there were two, all connected over LAN to the ANANT. Various analog phones were linked to these GENX platforms, and each GENX platform at the ACID site featured a GSM trunk extension.

? At the Fertilizer site, the primary ANANT was linked to the WAN. A single GENX platform, connected via LAN, facilitated connections to numerous analog phones on-site. Furthermore, this GENX Platform supported a GSM trunk.

? At the power plant, an ETERNITY PENX was linked to the WAN, supporting a public address system over CO. Furthermore, 28 analog phones were incorporated into the network at the power plant.

? At Senchim, a SETU VFXTH, a VoIP-FXS gateway, was linked to the WAN. This gateway provided connectivity to several analog phones as well.

The Hybrid Communication solution effectively integrated disparate sites onto a common communication platform, utilizing both contemporary and conventional networks. Moreover, it enhanced communication through a range of features. The solution delivered:

? Smooth Multi-site Connectivity: With the support of SETU VTEP, capable of handling up to 2100 IP users, and ANANT, accommodating up to 5000 IP users, seamless connectivity across numerous sites was accomplished.

? Hybrid Communication Solution: A tailored Matrix solution integrated products capable of harnessing both contemporary and conventional networks. VoIP, GSM, and analog networks were effectively amalgamated to ensure efficient communication among various sites.

? Contemporary Features: The solution facilitated public address capabilities over CO via ETERNITY PENX at the power plant, allowing for vital information dissemination during emergencies. Integration of Call Accounting software, as requested by the client, was seamlessly integrated into Matrix PBXs.

By combining contemporary and conventional networks, the Matrix solution distinguishes itself for its effectiveness, efficiency, distinctiveness, and readiness for the future.

For further information, please contact:
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