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  • Country: India
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An Indian conglomerate invested in Matrix Telecom Solutions for a transition from wired to VoIP communication.
Source: Matrix Comsec
Customer Name:
Financial Services Arm of a Conglomerate


Products offered:
● Matrix Embedded IP-PBX Server: PRASAR UCS - SPARK200
● Matrix range of VoIP - PRI Gateway: SETU VTEP 2P
● Matrix UC Client: VARTA Softphone
● Matrix range of IP Phones: SPARSH VP510E and SPARSH VP210
● Mumbai

SMB Automation

Company Overview:

A multinational corporation, headquartered in Mumbai, ranked among the Fortune 500, is sustained by an exceptional workforce exceeding 187,000 individuals from 100 different nationalities. The corporation is founded on the principles of creating value for stakeholders, with a history of over seven decades of responsible business practices. Their enterprises have evolved into global leaders in various sectors including metals, pulp and fiber, chemicals, textiles, carbon black, telecom, cement, financial services, fashion retail, and renewable energy. The financial services arm of this conglomerate, in order to expand its business, needed a well-crafted, modernized Telecom solution, thus bringing them to the forefront of Matrix.


The Financial services arm of this multinational corporation in Mumbai was facing issues ranging from modernization to optimization of communication. The challenge of telecommunication without laying Telephone cables for their new office was prominent. An arrangement had also to be made for utilizing existing PRI lines and modernizing them to meet their demands for new establishment.

To elaborate on their challenges:

● Adoption of modern communication with existing Infrastructure: Their investment in existing infrastructure needed protection, and a provision had to be made to modernize the communication using existing infrastructure.

● Scalability: They required a Telecom solution that was future-proof, that is, easily scalable to fulfill the needs of future applications. Additionally, it had to be ensured that the operations were flawless, especially during critical work hours.

● Requirement of modern phone features: They required advanced features like Global Abbreviated Dialing, Auto Redial, Call Pick Up, and Internal Call Restriction, to become efficient in day-to-day operations.

● Managing different protocols: Interface with existing and different telecom networks requires managing different protocols, which can be cumbersome, time, and energy-consuming.

● Stipulated Time-frame: The transition and modernization, simultaneously, had to be completed within a stipulated time frame.


Matrix Comsec in partnership with SMB Automation analyzed the challenges of communications and crafted a Telecom solution that was the best fit. The solution offered was based on the prelude of utilizing existing infrastructure and amalgamation of Matrix Telecom Solutions within a stipulated time frame. This included employing Embedded IP-PBX to empower VoIP-based communication, and simultaneously integrating VoIP-PRI Gateway that optimized the feasibility of communication and helped the firm become more efficient by terminating PRI lines.
The Telecom solutions include:
● The Embedded IP-PBX, PRASAR UCS - SPARK200, enabled them up to 2100 IP users. Additionally, features like up to 550 Concurrent calls, Concurrent 21 Calls Tapping, etc. took them to a notch above through a uniquely crafted telecom solution.
● The VOIP-PRI gateway included SETU VTEP 2P, which comes with features of 125 SIP Trunks and 120 simultaneous calls. The gateway enabled them to terminate 8 Copper PRI lines and thus transition towards IP.

● The VARTA Extensions enabled them to access Real-time UC features like one-touch access to Extension numbers, Instant messaging, monitoring the Real-time status of employees, etc
● The IP phones included SPARSH VP510E and SPARSH VP210. This came with features like an LCD Graphical display, Context-sensitive keys, Built-in 16 DSS Keys, Polyphonic ring tune, and more.


The implemented Telecom solutions enabled them to reap the benefits of modern communication while also enabling them to make the best out of the existing infrastructure.

● Matrix engineered a Telecom solution with our Embedded IP - PBX, PRASAR UCS enabling them to transit towards wire-free and modern communications, addressing the challenge of telephone cabling.

● The VOIP-PRI gateway, SETU VTEP, provided much-needed Least-cost routing ensuring that the call is always placed on the most appropriate network resulting in the optimization and feasibility of calls. Access to the gateway was secured through PIN Authentication, while Digest Authentication ensured verification and protection of user credentials during the authentication process.

● The Real-time UC features were provided in the form of soft IP extensions through our VARTA UC Client. A complete Collaboration solution was made possible through Laptop/Desktop extensions to work remotely.

● The IP desk phones helped provide advanced features like Call Pick up, Call Forward, Call Waiting, and Call Transfer along with an Intuitive interface, that enabled employees to become efficient while simultaneously, enhancing user experience.

For further information, please contact:
394-GIDC, Makarpura, Vadodara-390010, India
Toll Free - +91 1800-258-7747

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