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Transforming Security Measures for a Major Fashion Label: Matrix's Elevator Access Control Solution for Managed Floor Entry
Source: Matrix Comsec
Application Elevator Access Control
Users 300
Industry Retail
Credential RFID Card
Location Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Company Profile
A well-known fashion label has effectively expanded its presence in various markets by establishing exclusive brand outlets, multi-brand outlets, large format stores, and engaging in e-commerce. With a widespread network comprising more than 200 exclusive brand outlets, 1300 multi-brand outlets, and 60 large format stores, the brand delivers modern clothing with a dedication to delivering top-notch quality at affordable prices. Under the guidance of its dynamic leadership, the brand has emerged as a preferred option for those with a keen sense of fashion, indicating a bright outlook for achieving global recognition in the fashion and lifestyle sector.


The client needed a solution to a very particular issue: the installation of a secure elevator access control system. Wanting limited access to specific floors exclusively for authorized personnel, the client enlisted Matrix's skills to deliver an Elevator Access Control Solution. This solution aimed to guarantee controlled and secure vertical movement within their building, contributing to heightened security measures and improved operational efficiency.

The client encountered a significant obstacle in controlling access to specific floors through elevator entry, outlined as follows:
● Elevator Access Control for Restricted Floors
The client confronted difficulty in managing its 12-floor facility, which included three floors restricted to its employees. In order to bolster security measures, Matrix was engaged to deploy a reliable elevator access control system. The implemented solution guaranteed precise authorization, restricting entry to designated floors and fulfilling the client's requirement for increased security within their premises.

Matrix effectively met these requirements by delivering solutions that enhanced the client's security systems. Matrix implemented an elevator access control system to achieve:
Matrix installed elevator access control system to accomplish:

● Elevator Access Control for Exclusive Floors
Matrix skillfully tackled the client's challenge involving a 12-floor structure, with three floors designated as restricted areas. Through a customized elevator access control system, Matrix successfully fulfilled the client's objective of providing selective access to VIP individuals for the specified three floors, ensuring improved security and control within the premises.

Matrix's Elevator Access Control Solution not only resolved the client's challenges but also significantly enhanced access operations, leading to an overall increase in security throughout the organization.

The application of Matrix's Elevator Access Control Solution produced impressive results for the client. The customized system effectively ensured secure and controlled vertical movement within the 12-floor facility, with a particular focus on the three restricted floors. Through the provision of selective access to VIP individuals, Matrix not only fulfilled the client's specific needs but also considerably improved the overall efficiency of security operations. This successful partnership led to the optimization of the security infrastructure, showcasing Matrix's dedication to providing effective solutions for their clients' distinctive challenges.

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