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Perfect Smart Life with Wulian Smart Home

We concern about just four words basically throughout our life: clothing, food, shelter, and transportation. However, the four words which seem simple are quite hard. For instance, when you get out, you find the sudden drop of the temperature and you have to return to add clothes. Food hygiene and safety problem has always been the focus of concern. Even though we clean the vegetables repeatedly, pesticide residues and hormones may not be removed absolutely, and meanwhile most of the vitamins and other nutrients may have gone with the washing. Besides, you occasionally forget to close doors and windows and somebody breaks in your house. What’s more, you buy a car for convenience, while the heavy traffic makes it less convenient than taking a bus or metro. ….Similar things are beyond count, which always trouble us a lot.
Wulian IOT Sensor Technology employ advanced IOT technology to forge an all-round smart life.

Decide which to wear before you get out
The climate always changes dramatically due to various reasons, and weather prediction is not that reliable. Nevertheless, Wulian wireless temperature & humidity sensor can send the outdoor THI(temperature-humidity index) to your cellphone when you get up. Users can choose which to wear according to this, always making you smarter than other people.

Balcony or roof offers green, organic vegetables and fruits
High price of those organic vegetables and fruits with delicate package in the market makes most of the working class wince. Now, you can own a small garden in your balcony or roof through Wulian wireless irrigation system. Studying about farming technology is not needed and you can just type various data of the process of growth of different vegetables and fruits to Wulian Cloud. Then, you can manage your small garden such as watering, fertilization, etc with your cellphone or tablet. The real green, pollution-free vegetables & fruits with DIY interests bring you a more wonderful life.

Secure house with low-carbon & energy-saving properties
Wulian smart home system adopts wireless cloud smart lock, wireless door & window magnetic sensor, wireless cloud drawer lock, wireless infrared intrusion detector, solar wireless infrared electric fence and other corresponding devices to provide all-round protection. And, Wulian lighting system and smart electrical appliance control system can reduce the emission of fluoride and CO2 to extend the service life of lights and household electrical appliance.

More convenient parking without traffic jam
Wulian background music system will select urban traffic channel to offer you real-time traffic rebroadcast, allowing users to know if his usual route is crowded and counting on this to decide to drive a car or take a bus or take a metro or get out in earlier than before.

Parking space in central city is quite tense, while you can reserve parking space from the target parking lot before you set off. And then you can get your car parked successfully when you arrive at the parking lot. Wulian wireless parking sensor can also send the warning signal to the attendant of the parking lot and the car owner when the car is moved by someone who tries to steal it.

Wulian IOT Sensor Technology devotes to providing you the most considerate service, forging a perfect urban smart life for you.
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