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QIHAN Smart Security Escort for Shenzhen Guan Shan Yue Art Museum

Guan Shan Yue Art Museum, a national class museum, is named after the famous painter, educator and master of the Lingnan school - Mr Guan Shanyue. Along with Shenzhen Museum, Shenzhen He Xiangning Art Museum, form the cultural treasure of art of Shenzhen. The requirement for security of art gallery and exhibition monitoring are very high, in response to the growing social unrest, the monitoring system retrofit with high demand is also growing. How to effectively prevent and combat galleries failure, Guan Shan Yue responsible staff have been seeking industry well-known security brands, which can provide a set of safety factor of high stability, superior security monitoring systems and solutions for the security for the museum.

QIHAN Work with Guan Shan Yue Together to Create HD Customized Surveillance System

2015, QIHAN with its rich experience in security industry, and on user needs of deep understanding, combining efficient of intelligent security technology and application, became the surveillance system provider for Guan Shan Yue project of servicers, provides security, intelligent of HD network products, and the solution program for the museum. Especially, QIHAN professional level of HD security system solved the problem of video picture clarity and storage space optimization.

The smart HD security system technical performance and quality indicators of QIHAN have reached international advanced level, at the same time, installation and commissioning of the system, software is simple and easy to use, easy to learn. Network communication system based on reliable technology ensures high stability and reliability of system level, satisfying long-term stable operation. Main system has the following features:

(1) Front-end video acquiring using QIHAN IPC HD products, this product adopts the latest international micro-chips, and professional security image sensors, with clear image, high color reduction. Products using standard compression technology H.264 high profile 4.0, with higher compression ratio, more accurate stream control, and greater stability;

(2)QIHAN video storage systems, supports multiple resolutions storage and playback, to provide a clearer image screen. And with extensive alarm functions and interfaces to support integrated audio, two-way voice intercom, and built-in network adaptive technology, low delay, comprehensive general ONVIF, RTSP and other protocols and standards, to achieve real digital HD, meets the requirements of today's security monitoring for HD video;

(3) QIHAN ISS Pro smart surveillance system provides solutions for customers, with its strong stability, easy to deploy, easy to apply, can be a complicated series of intelligent integration and data management device, with integrity, reliability, openness, adaptability, consistency and scalability. It also joined the "intelligent analysis techniques", with a perimeter alarm, direction alarm, stop alarm, follow alarm, traffic statistics, hovered alarms, and many other intelligent monitoring functions. Application of intelligent monitoring system can lift more manual labor; intelligent application can reduce the rate of false positives. Intelligent monitoring provides perfect video surveillance solution for greater scene.

Responsible staff of Guan Shan Yue Art Museum said: the system is giving us "tailored" HD a leading intelligent monitoring system, address problems we are facing. QIHAN products and solutions that help us to be easier, intensive and intelligent, fast response to stop all kinds of incidents to enhance the security features of the Museum.
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