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Qihan launch the HD integration movement ceremoniously

Qihan released two HD integration movement, models were QH-Q1318S and QH-Q1422S. They have the high-sensitivity, long focal length, night vision, through the fog and other functions, with a powerful advantage - "high-precision, high-cost, high-definition".

QH-Q1422S using 1/4 "SONY CCD sensor, 22x optical zoom, zoom speed of 4.5 seconds (1-22 times), achieve a resolution of 700TVL. Outstanding high-definition imaging technology making the image crisp and clear, also color reproduction high perspective effect is good, and in low light and white balance and other relevant details of the deal reached the extreme, the overall effect is excellent product excellence, will give users a new visual senses.

QH-Q1318S uses 1/3 "SONY CCD sensor, 18x optical zoom, zoom speed of 4.5 seconds (1-18 times), the resolution can be achieved 700TVL. Products also has automatic image processing functions through the fog, available in the mist shrouded urban road monitoring the use of occasions, you can capture high-resolution images. Worth mentioning is that the two models equipped with the latest "night vision" feature, which can be present in the darkness not clearly visible part of the adjustment by comparison showing a more easily visible screen functionality through product, you can shoot in low light currently cannot clearly see the human face or license plate and other more clearly visible images.

As the "first great assistant" in surveillance cameras field, HD integration movement carries the selection and use of the many users expect. Qihan launch of the HD integration movement QH-Q1318S and QH-Q1422S ceremoniously with advanced features and powerful advantages, more suitable for the needs of long-distance high-definition monitor. This surveillance cameras can be applied to finance, transportation, education, electricity, energy, operators and other industries, which will make customers to enjoy the most cost-effective experience.
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