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Experience high speed fiber optic QIHAN launched the first HD FDI Optical

As a leading provider of security equipment and solutions , QIHAN launched the HDFDI Optical, Model QH-FT1001, which is based on the industry-leading HDFDI HD optical digital interface technology, to meet the security industry for broadcast SDI uncompressed digital video source optical transmission business needs, it is very easy to integrate into a variety of SDI transmission system, is ideal for high-definition video fiber optic transmission equipment.

Traditional HD-SDI solves the IP network HD codec loss products, trailing, frame and other aspects of the drawbacks, but the use of such conventional coaxial transmission while the camera HD-SDI transmission distance of only 100-300m so, as its development of the main defects. Our QH-FT1001 Optical-to-market, and effectively in order to solve this problem, the product greatly extend signal transmission distance, through the optical fiber transmission technology HD-SDI video signal transmission distance up to 20 km, suitable for long distance HD-SDI video surveillance and video capture.

QH-FT1001 Optical, transmitter and receiver into two parts, the transmitter will HD-SDI video signals into standard QIHAN independent research HDFDI protocol signals transmitted through the fiber out; receiver is receiving HDFDI protocol signal through the optical fiber, the conversion into the HD-SDI standard video signal, and then using standard coaxial BNC interface transfer out.

With this product, you can achieve long-distance, no distortion , high-quality transmission in a 1-channel fiber optic , supporting all HD-SDI video resolution and compatible with all HD-SDI cameras on security industry , optical fiber transmission distances up to 20 km ( single-mode fiber) . Product design for ultra- micro structure , small size , and without the software settings, support plug and play , hot swappable, free testing , truly intelligent use of the product for a variety of high-definition real-time remote monitoring system, as well as highway , traffic Police , Customs , squares , stadiums , banks, transportation , residential and other real-time video and video quality with higher requirements for the occasion.

QH-FT1001 also has the following advantages:

1.Support HD-SDI high-definition digital video signal long-distance optical fiber transmission.
2.automatically identify various resolution HD-SDI video input, users do not need to do anything to set up and debug, Plug and Play. SMPTE274M standard.
4.signal input with automatic cable equalization function, the output drive capability with.
5.transmitter and receiver are used clock signal regeneration , shaping, debounce , to ensure error-free transmission.
6.without relay transmission distances of up to 20 km , can be cascaded to achieve more distance transmission.
7.using extension cables , more suitable for engineering, installation.
8.LED indicators for power, optical signal status.


Users can use the converter or other conversion equipment , access to high-definition displays real-time monitoring front-end image , as far as can be transmitted 20 km ( without relay ) , for a variety of high-definition real-time remote monitoring system.

Users can use SDI DVR stored multiple images of the front of camera , via Ethernet access computers or monitor , real-time monitoring, storage, playback and manage remote video.

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