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QIHAN Badminton Competition Achieve Complete Success

To enhance team spirit and collective cohesion, enrich their lives and show positive mental outlook, on August 3rd, 2013, Qihan held the first badminton competition under the strong support of company leaders and staffs, through a field of fierce competition, Qihan first badminton competition achieved complete success on Aug 17th.

The competition is a total of 34 employees participated, during competition, players tried their best to fighting and battling the score at loggerheads many times. Especially the ladies and girls, they showed another side which is totally different with the one during their office time. The guys also showed their passion and fighting spirit which make the competition wonderful.

The competition is exciting and colorful, Qihan athletes showed their unity and courageous and raced out of style, raced out of level, race d out of friendship which also carried forward the company value” unity、cooperation and excellence”.

After fierce competition, we produced the top three in the men's singles, women's singles and doubles, company leaders awarded the winning player with beautiful prize. After the completion, we pay the sweat but reap the friendship and laughter. Qihan organize such activities for creating a positive and rich leisure life for Qihan’s all staff. The successful held of first badminton competition not only mobilize staff's enthusiasm for physical exercise, but also strengthened communication and friendship between Qihan’s employees.
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