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Qihan Was Awarded HDMI HD Technology International Certification

Recently, Qihan was awarded HDMI certificate by the HDMI international certification company HDMI Licensing, LLC. This certification shows that Qihan HDMI high definition multimedia interface technology has reached the international standard, and its HD storage products and solutions will be fully compatible with HDMI high definition technology.

Qihan Was Awarded HDMI HD Technology International Certification

HDMI is short for High Definition Multimedia Interface. Compared with Multi-line connections of the other audio and video equipments, its biggest feature is that, using one cable to achieve bidirectional transmission of uncompressed HD video and audio. It saves extra cable and complex connections while achieving high definition transmission. In order to guarantee the preeminent transmission of HD signals, it requires rigorous testing in the manufacturing process of the products, technology level and materials, and it should comply with HD testing and compatibility testing.

HDMI Licensing, LLC is an organization responsible for license certification of the high definition multimedia interface ? (HDMI ?). To obtain this certification, Qihan HD storage products should reach industry-leading level on compatibility, interoperability and signal anti-jamming. Qihan HD storage products with HDMI high definition port, can achieve HD digital audio and video transmission with its powerful interface compatibility. While achieving undistorted signal transmission, it cuts off outside interference and reduces signal transmission loss. It is high cost-effective with good product performance, providing customers with superior "plug and play" high definition multimedia experience.

Nowadays, HDMI is replacing many traditional analog interfaces for consumer electronics products, including new digital interface. Qihan new HDMI HD storage products and solutions not only offer the best quality of HDMI signal transmission, but also achieve high cost-effective with high efficiency and low consumption. With Qihan increasingly advanced HDMI technology, it further enhances Qihan HD product lines, and also more fully meets the diversified needs of the market for digital video surveillance solutions.
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