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Gathering in Guangdong Security Technology Seminar, Discussing new milestone of Security industry

On July 13th , under the guidance of the provincial Public Security Department , co-organized by Huawei and QIHAN technology co., Ltd ,Guangdong Province Public Security Association host “the 2013 Guangdong Province security technology Seminar” Successfully in seaside spring hotel which located in Huizhou province. This seminar invited the Municipal Public Security Technology Office of leadership, security experts and security enterprises representatives to participate in together, discussed the application of high-definition video monitoring in urban construction and had a deeply analyze about local security technology developments and needs, what’s more, they also put forward the key point of urban security constructions and the future development trend of security video monitoring so on.

Guangdong Provincial Public Security and Protection Association Secretary Qiu Xiaoshuan had a speech for this meeting, he said: According to the "Guangdong Province Social security video surveillance system construction three-year plan ( 2012-2014 ) " , in response to government requirements , at present, all cities in Guangdong Province are stepping up social security video surveillance system. For further understanding of social security video surveillance system construction in Guangdong province, Guangdong Province Security Association conducted a survey on social security surveillance across the province. According to reflects of some local security monitoring office, the current construction of social security video surveillance system is wide and related to high level of technical requirements, but the relevant people who are participating in the construction of security video surveillance system is not so familiar with the new technology and new product characters. According to this fact, this association offered this relevant video surveillance system technology seminar to strengthen participants relevant knowledge on the video surveillance system.

Lately, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd and QIHAN Technology Co., ltd respectively gave a share about the safe city solutions and HDFDI high-definition optical digital interface protocol.

Huawei's senior product manager Li Xianjun introduced Huawei’s development process , the flagship product and safe city solutions. Because of the advantages in network access , transmission, switching and platform operations , cloud storage and other areas, Huawei can provide a set of solutions from front-end video surveillance , network platform management and storage ,. What’s more, Huawei also launched VCN30000 to solve the network video storage problem which is also a preparation for the cloud storage. Li xianjun also introduced the advantages of VCN30000 from the construction costs, floor space , energy consumption and deployment time so on.

As a emerging enterprises in security industry, Grey Zhuang,technical director of QIHAN introduced QIHAN's development process and product positioning, launched its self -developed products, including IPC, DVR, HD-SDI camera , NVR, HD-SDI DVR, HDFDI camera and PTZ dome camera and so on. In this technical seminar, QIHAN also highlights self-developed high-definition optical digital interface protocol : HDFDI. The agreement focuses on solving high-definition video access, transmission and networking , not just for high-definition video security industry , but also can be extended to commercial, military and other communications.

HDFDI protocol is based on Fiber Channel and SMPTE protocol and it is an interface protocol which was developed for the current high-definition video access, transmission and networking issues. As a new generation of high-speed interconnect technology, it owns such characteristics as low latency , high-bandwidth , high-speed, anti-interference ability , long transmission distance and less transmission loss so on. It supports many types of protocol mapping , supports three topologies and five types of services , set the advantages of network communication technology and access control technology together, and also focus on enhancing high-definition video , audio and control technology integration and transmission. QIHAN had a complete introductions about the advantages of this protocol from all aspects of the necessity of building , energy saving, high economic efficiency and so on which is also provide good access , transmission, networking for future high-definition video monitoring.

This seminar had a lively atmosphere, the senior engineers of Guangdong province Security Industry Association and a few anti-technology experts also had a on-site communication about the technical problems sharing of Huawei and QIHAN.

As vice president of Guangdong security association, in recent years, QIHAN pursuits ongoing product and technology innovation, striving to promote the cause of Guangdong security industry , actively participating in the activities of security associations and making contributions in promoting the integrity and sustainable development of security industry Today , with the greatly enhance of product awareness, QIHAN has been selected Shenzhen Famous Brand and National Enterprise of Observing Contracts and Keeping Promise and established post-doctoral innovative practical base, strengthen school-enterprise cooperation and independent technological innovation. QIHAN will always uphold the vision of “Creation for Safe Life" and continue to make more and more achievements in security industry.
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