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Qihan, Seizes The High Ground of The Security Monitoring Industry

According to statistics, the market size of China's Security Industry rose from 120 billion RMB to 250 billion RMB during 2006 to 2011, the annual compound growth rate is nearly 25%. Estimated 2016 China Security industry will reach 500 billion RMB, the annual compound growth rate is approximate 20.24%. As the city "guardian", Security industry plays a key role in the "Green City" and "smart city" construction. In the future, the government will increase support for crime prevention and control system, which is a development opportunity and also a enormous challenge. How to promote better security technology utilized for the harmonious and peaceful city, has become an issue that every security company should focus on. Qihan, the industry-leading security equipments and solutions provider, is seizing the high ground of the security monitoring industry with its own characteristics.

Continuous Innovation, Creation for Safe Life

As an evergreen tree enjoys high reputation in the security industry, Qihan perseverely pursue the mission of "Creation for Safe Life”, reaping numerous appreciations from customers and the whole security industry. Established in August 2006, with a registered capital of 50 million RMB, Qihan Technology Co., Ltd. is a national enterprise, and also a state high-tech enterprise which approved for registration by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. For the past years, Qihan has always maintained a growth rate of more than 40%, and put 10% of annual turnover into research and development of new products. After years of technology accumulation and market test, Qihan has developed into a company that integrates R & D, manufacturing, sales, and service.

Security industry is a sunrise industry, but also a fighting battlefield. With the escalation of industry and technology, many security companies have been eliminated by the market. Facing the fierce market competition, as the industry's leading security equipment and solutions provider, Qihan keeps improving staffs motivation and corporate R & D capability, and endeavour to achieve rapid response to customer needs, providing security equipments, solutions and services. Qihan also treats "innovation" as the core competitiveness, promote open cooperation with partners, focusing on customer needs with continuous innovation, and firmly follow two principles of "quality" and "credit", to help clients business success.

Employing Right Person, Training Security Talent

Talent is the key to an everlasting enterprise. Qihan developed a comprehensive human resources development strategy, actively expanding the space for personal development, training security talent. Qihan provides staffs with "three promotion channels", that is: technical channel promotion, sales channel promotion and management channel promotion. We follow the concept of employment as "putting virtuous talent in key position; training the virtuous without talent; limited hiring the talent without virtue; do not hire no virtue no talent. ” So Qihan employees can better realize their own value and enterprise value based on individual interests and expertise value, and realize growing together with the enterprise.

Qihan has been advocating the culture of "family - school - army". We advocate "family culture" among the corporate executives, which requires senior leaders do as "ignore reward, concern mutually, care for each other, and unit together." For middle managers, we advocate "school culture", it is necessary to "encourage learning, improve management, strengthen skills, and process learning ability.” For junior employees, we advocate "military culture ", that is “absolute obedience, no excuse, focus on results, and process executive ability." These three cultures complement each other, forming a unique personnel management culture with Qihan characteristics.

Overcoming All Obstacles, Creating Qihan’s Unique Development Pattern

Today's security industry is facing the problems of weak market regulation, serious product homogeneity trend, difficult for technological innovation, encountering risk for product upgrades, and so on. To break the deadlock in the industry must first break the enterprise inherent traditional thinking, and create a corporate unique development pattern. This can truly promote the industry toward healthy and sustainable development. During the development, Qihan has always insisted on open cooperation, exploring mutually benefit, customer demand-oriented product development and innovation, and enhancing customer value by continuous innovation on technologies, products, solutions and business management. Qihan dedicates to the fulfillment of the long-term goal of enterprise and customer win-win cooperation

After years of development, Qihan has built up a global technology, talent, experience and quality management research and development platform. With a passionate, hard working research team, who always put the customer demand first during the technology research and development process. Qihan has real-time control during the production process, and strictly control on the quality, forming the advanced level of development and manufacturing system.

Utilizing Comprehensive Advantages, Exploring Security Developing Trend

Qihan fully utilizes its strengths, using independent innovative technologies to enhance its strength, and providing customers with comprehensive services. At present, the Qihan has self-developing ISP image processing technology, a variety of video transmission and exchange protocols, and video scaling, stitching and intelligent analysis technology. Qihan has obtained about 100 items of patents, intellectual property rights, copyrights, etc. Qihan products also passed the China Compulsory Certification (3C), CE and other international certifications, being a leading position among the industry.

With a good brand effect and credit reputation, Qihan products sold not only in China mainland, but also extends to more than 150 countries and regions, like Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Australia, etc. Qihan has also won honors as the national high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen high-tech enterprise, national "keep contacts regard credits” enterprises, Shenzhen well-known brand, recommended brand for safe city, and other honors. In recent years, Qihan has developed a distinctive and comprehensive technical management, talent management, production management and internal control system. Qihan has also passed the ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification and ISO14001: 2008 Environmental Management System Certification.

For the future strategic planning, Qihan will stick to the vision of "Creation for Safe Life". Using the excellent corporate culture and management experience, to maximize the performance of human resources, capital and technology, and fully integrates industry upstream and downstream resources through innovative business models, also to create an integral industrial chain from the front end to the back end.
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