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Ultra High-Definition! Qihan Released New Generation HDFDI High-Definition Video Surveillance System

Recently, as a leading supplier of security equipment and solutions, Qihan launches its market-oriented new generation of HDFDI video surveillance system. New HDFDI system using second generation HD-SDI technology architecture, can be widely used in places with higer requirements for HD and real time. It is with real-time HD image, long distance transmission and high performance-cost ratio and other significant advantages. As soon as it was launched, it immediately receives great concern from the market and the industry.

Qihan New Generation HDFDI High-Definition Video Surveillance System

With wide application of high definition, networked, intelligent technologies in the security industry, the entire security industry has ushered in the era of HD-SDI. HD-SDI video surveillance technology aimed at the middle and high-end security market. It is popular with many security users with its superior image quality, and simple system architecture. HD-SDI has a broad market prospect.

HDFDI Comes Into Being for HD demand

Just imagine, if you are monitoring an important outdoor venue, and suffering a local circuit failure resulted the front-end camera loses power. How could you do? If you are monitoring a working environment, and finds the problem should be notified immediately, but you can only watch "silent movie" at the monitor? Can you accept such various disadvantages of traditional video surveillance system, such as compressed blurred images, risky local power supply, cockamamie fussy application method, short distance transmission, and high cost?

Qihan brand new generation HDFDI high definition video surveillance system can effectively support over 2 million pixels of real-time monitoring. It can be comparable with the analog transmission with HD video transmission over long distances. It adopts reliable power supply technology. It is easy, safe and smart for the operation of the entire system. What's more, HDFDI system based on second generation HD-SDI technology has better compatibility, lower cost and more efficient core technology. It provides our customers with the most cost-effective user experience.

Six core strengths to create unparalleled HD video monitoring tool

1、POC (Power Over Coax, power supply through coaxial cable) function:Qihan HDFDI system adopts advanced POC power supply technology, supports local or DVR power supply, automatic switch when power off, and flexible installation, which effectively reduce the amount of actual projects and reduce system costs.

2、COC (Control Over Coax, control through the coaxial cable) function: Qihan HDFDI system adopts reverse COC technology, can realize remote control camera transform, adjust the OSD menu, automatic, intelligent, safe and convenient.

3、AOC (Audio Over Coax, audio transmission through coaxial cable) function: built-in excellent AOC technology, bi-directional audio transmission through coaxial cable, synchronized audio input and output, and enables real-time talkback, timely communication.

4、About 300 m-20 kilometers of long distance video transmission: Qihan HDFDI system can reach up to 300 meters long distance video transmission through regular analog coaxial cable, and can reach 20 km transmission distance through fiber-optic, which effectively breaking the video transmission distance limitation.

5、High efficiency and low costs lead to more cost-effective: Qihan HDFDI system can realize using analog video wires to connect and transmit, effectively reducing over 30% of the cost. It brings HD long-distance video transmission and also avoids expensive cost of wires, which is surprisingly cost-effective.

6、Multiple connection brings stronger compatibility: Qihan HDFDI system can use multiple connection methods for connections between the front-end devices and rear-end storage devices. Adaptive recognize camera type, compatible with access of ordinary SDI, analog, and HDFDI.

Composition of Qihan new HDFDI HD video surveillance system

HDFDI system consists of HDFDI camera and HDFDI HD digital video recorder. It adopts Qihan self-developed ISP technology, HDFDI (High Definition Flexible Digital Interface) high definition flexible digital technology and other innovative technologies. And it is comprehensively upgraded based on the first generation HD-SDI high definition digital monitoring system. With strong features such as POC, COC, AOC, controllable electric lens, etc, it greatly improves the integration and transfer of HD video, audio, control technology, can be widely used in more fields of devices of smart HD video surveillance.
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