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Qihan Intelligent Network solution, Security guards around you and me

With the rapid development of technology, network video surveillance is no more an unfamiliar vocabulary. With its unique advantages, networked video surveillance has become the first option for people to build or retrofit security monitoring system. Meanwhile, driven by network information technology, market demand of network video surveillance systems increases dramatically.

Currently the video surveillance system consists of networked multimedia monitoring system and semi-digital monitoring systems,intelligent applications will become the main trend of development. The so-called intelligent video surveillance system application, network cameras for example, in addition to some basic intelligent video features such as motion detection, cross-border police function, can embed different intelligent functions according to different applications. With more advanced "smart" functions,network camera can perform real-time monitoring tasks instead of human beings, and quickly search massive video data to the desired target, it will be a great assistance for human beings to implement safety monitoring.

Qihan ,as a leading security equipment and solutions provider, actively explores the development trend of intelligent video surveillance technology, is committed to the intelligent system construction from "visible, see " level to " understand " level. Currently, in order to meet the market demand for intelligent video surveillance, Qihan research center is developing intelligent network video surveillance series products, represented by the second generation of the card ISS mobile intelligent network cameras and mobile client management system.

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