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HID Global Extends Options for Migrating to High-Frequency (HF) Access-Control Readers and Credentials
Source: HID Global
HID Global, trusted leader in solutions for the delivery of secure identity, today unveiled new access-control reader and credential offerings that provide the industry’s most extensive options for migrating from legacy solutions to higher-security 13.56 MHz contactless technologies. HID readers can be used with an extensive array of single- and combination-technology cards including its industry-first dual-high frequency (HF) credential. They extend the Genuine HID value proposition by giving customers the industry’s largest selection of reader and credential migration solutions.

HID’s expanded migration offering includes:
? An iCLASS reader for migration from MIFARE Classic to secure 13.56 MHz MIFARE DESFire EV1 and HID iCLASS contactless technology;
? New multiCLASS readers for migration from legacy magnetic stripe (magstripe) and 125 kHz proximity card technology to higher-security MHz HID iCLASS contactless technology; and
? The industry’s first dual-HF credential, which bridges the gap between legacy solutions and secure iCLASS and MIFARE DESFire EV1 contactless technologies, expanding customer options for deploying the highest levels of security, while maximizing the value of their credential investment by enabling multiple applications on a single card.

HID will be demonstrating its full line of readers and credentials at Security Essen 2010, October 5-8 in Hall 12,stand #216 at the Essen Trade Fair Ground in Essen, Germany, and at ASIS International 2010, October 12-14 in Booth #601 at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.

“HID’s expanded offering of iCLASS and multiCLASS migration readers and credentials helps users make the transition to higher security with better performance, while also empowering them to more easily and flexibly deploy multiple applications on a single credential,” said Alan Fontanella, Senior Director, Product Marketing, with HID Global. “Our migration readers enable seamless management of multiple applications and migration projects, using readers that support diverse technologies and the broadest choice of single and combination cards including our industry-first dual-HF credentials.”

Product Details
? iCLASS High-Frequency Migration Reader: HID’s proven and widely deployed iCLASS reader line has now been extended to enable migration from MIFARE Classic technology to secure 13.56 MHz technologies for improved security, performance and data integrity, or to support multiple applications with a single credential that can also be used as a photo-ready identity badge. iCLASS readers are also available in configurations that provide compatibility with a wide scope of card technologies including: Dutch Government Rijkspas; 125 kHz proximity technologies such as HID Prox and IndalaProx; legacy technologies such as Wiegand and magnetic stripe; and other technologies including EM4102 Prox, AWID Prox, US Government FIPS 201, Sony FeliCa Transit, Singapore CEPAS Transit, Magstripe and ISO 14443/15693 card serial numbers.
? multiCLASS Migration Readers: The RM40 and RMP40 are new, non-keypad versions of the company’s RMK40 and RMPK40 readers for Magstripe-to-iCLASS and Magstripe- and Prox-to-iCLASS migration, respectively, which were introduced earlier this year. They provide customers with the most cost-effective solution for seamlessly upgrading from legacy reader technology to contactless smart card capabilities. The readers support ANSI/ISO 7811 magstripe data conversion or pass-through configuration in combination with HID Prox and popular 13.56 MHz contactless access control technologies including iCLASS credentials.
? Dual-HF Credentials: HID’s iCLASS/MIFARE Classic, iCLASS/MIFARE DESFire EV1, and MIFARE Classic/MIFARE DESFire EV1 credentials make it easy to move from legacy solutions to secure contactless technologies over time, across multiple facilities, or within subsets of a larger cardholder base. The dual-HF credentials use advanced radio frequency (RF) engineering to combine iCLASS with MIFARE or MIFARE DESFire EV1 technologies, or to combine MIFARE Classic with MIFARE DESFire EV1 technology. The technologies are embeddable with a contact chip, and can also optionally be combined with HID Prox technology. They enable users to combine access control on a single credential with other applications including secure network, print authentication, time and attendance, digital cash and vending, transit passes, and equipment and material check-out.

HID’s iCLASS dual HF reader and multiCLASS non-keypad migration readers are available now and the iCLASS dual-HF credentials are available in November from the company’s network of distributors, OEMs and system integrators worldwide. For more information please visit and
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