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HID Global Extends its RFID Tag Portfolio with New Solutions for Industrial and Logistics Applications
Source: HID Global
HID Global, trusted leader in solutions for the delivery of secure identity, today announced the availability of an extended portfolio of radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags for identifying, directing and tracking assets across a broad spectrum of industries and applications. The newest additions include a family of passive, contactless tags that operate on the ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio spectrum, which provides a greater read distance for tracking and monitoring and is rapidly increasing in popularity for industrial and logistics applications.

HID Global now offers the most extensive portfolio of field-proven RFID tags that support a wide range of applications in asset tracking and process automation, including waste management, food and animal, laundry, medical, container identification, returnable transport items and more. With over a decade of innovation and leadership in secure, contactless technology, HID Global has delivered over one billion RFID tags worldwide.

“We’ve been aggressively rounding out our line of RFID tags, with the goal of offering our customers the most extensive portfolio of best-in-class RFID solutions optimized for the specific needs of industrial vertical markets,” said Helmut Dansachmueller, director of product marketing for HID Global’s Identification Solutions (IDS) business. “Our newest tags support the increasingly popular applications that benefit from longer-range UHF technology. As part of our commitment to serving industry and logistics sectors, HID Global will continue to innovate by delivering reliable, high quality RFID tags to the market.”

Significantly, the UHF market is expected to see dramatic gains in the next few years. In its recently published report on the RFID market, research firm IDTechEx forecast that a total of 2.31 billion RFID tags will be sold in 2010, up from 1.98 billion in 2009. Most of this growth is attributed to an increase in passive UHF tags.

The HID Global RFID tag portfolio encompasses the following UHF and low frequency recent additions:

? On Metal RTI Transponder: This new EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 UHF tag helps companies more effectively track, manage and improve the utilization of high-value, returnable metal containers for liquids. Designed primarily for use in the beverage, chemical and petroleum industries, the On Metal RTI Transponder is capable of withstanding exposure to harsh environmental conditions. It supports simultaneous read of multiple items in a single pass, giving full visibility of containers in the warehouse, as well as during transportation and at customer sites. The new RTI tag also provides broadband Self Resonance Frequency (SRF) from 860 to 960 MHz, allowing up to 7 meters read range worldwide without reduction of performance.
? InLine 120/52 UHF Tag: The InLine 120/52 UHF tag is ideal for outdoor use for a variety of applications, from simple asset tracking solutions to returnable transport items. Its optimum antenna design delivers the greatest size-to-performance ratio while its rugged design provides very strong impact resistance. The InLine tags provide fast data communication for quick and accurate container identification with a read range that extends to 6 meters. These InLine tags operate over the 860-960 MHz range.
? IN Tag 500 UHF Tag: The new IN Tag 500 UHF is optimized for applications from simple asset tracking to high-temperature process automation with high fluid and temperature resistance for severe environments. These robust EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 UHF tags can withstand temperatures up to 140° centigrade. These new HID Global products round out the IN Tag product family that already includes tags in 125 kHz and 13.56MHz frequencies. The standard version can be easily mounted on plastic or wood using standard screws. For metal mounting, the specific On Metal (OM) version is designed with an additional plastic holder. Their rugged construction makes them ideal for durable goods manufacturing where no line of sight is required to read or write data.
? On Metal Bin Tag: This waste bin tag enables municipalities and industries to easily and cost-effectively track waste and recycling containers. The On Metal Bin Tag was designed to withstand physical and chemical resistance and it is also highly resistant to aggressive liquids. It features excellent performance and it can be easily mounted on metal waste bins and containers. The tag is stabile with fluctuating temperatures from -40°C up to -90°C degrees. The On Metal Bin Tag is available in two versions, UNIQUE (125 kHz) and BDE (134.2 kHz). The BDE version is compliant with the EN14803 directive, which regulates the requirements for methods of identification of waste containers and determination of waste quantity.
? Logi Tag: The Logi Tag 141 I-Code SLI-L has been designed specifically for textile identification and inventory control in laundry applications. It is resistant to high temperatures and industrial detergents and tolerates high water pressure. The Logi Tag combines the advantages of a small form factor with robust packaging, making it well-suited for a variety of asset-management applications.

HID Global’s entire RFID tag portfolio features superior, out-of-the-box performance and reliability, enabling customers to enjoy efficiencies and cost savings. With read-write capability embedded in the device memory, the tags’ stored data can be actively -d or read, ultimately improving business performance through tracking or quality control. With the HID Global RFID line, integrators have access to the company's trusted expertise and extensive portfolio of transponders and reader module solutions.

All five new RFID tags are available today. For details on the complete portfolio, please visit
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