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HID Global Improves Classroom Attendance at Dayton Public Schools While Increasing Campus Security and Safety
Source: HID Global
Key Highlights:
??HID Global continues to solve difficult card issuance challenges for educational institutions.
??Combination of HID Global FARGO DTC4500 printer/encoders, Asure ID software, and PlascoTrac by Plasco ID simplifies school ID creation and reduces time to process tardy students by up to 60 percent
??New system is implemented in just two weeks, enabling ID issuance to district’s 15,000 students on first day of new academic year.

AUSTIN, Texas, February 6, 2013 – HID Global?, a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions, today announced that the company’s secure ID card issuance solutions, combined with solutions from Plasco ID, a leading integrator and provider of card-based ID systems, has enabled Dayton Public Schools (DPS) in Dayton, Ohio to increase classroom attendance through improved student tracking, while enhancing campus security and safety by including new visual security elements on multipurpose ID cards.

With over 30 buildings and special centers housing approximately 15,000 students, Ohio-based DPS needed to standardize and simplify ID card creation while expediting the previously manual process of checking in tardy students. Their new solution implemented by PlascoID, includes the company’s automated student behavior tracking system, PlascoTrac and HID Global’s FARGO? DTC4500 card printer/encoder plus its non-technology ID cards and AsureID? Enterprise card personalization software, which is used to create customized student ID cards with high-quality photos and other visual security elements. This integrated system has achieved DPS’ goals while also enhancing the security of students and visitors.

“Now that we have sped up the time it takes to create IDs and process tardy individuals, our students are in class more and therefore have a greater chance for achievement and success,” said Richard Melson, Director of The Office of Information Technology at DPS.

“Schools want integrated solutions, and a single point of contact that can bring it all together,” said Alan Mendelson, President of Plasco ID. “DPS now has the ID badge visual security benefits, fast badge issuance at each school, and a district-wide solution for tracking and analyzing student behavior.”

Benefits of the new system include:
??High-volume, high-speed printing: Campus officials can now print all student ID cards within the first week of each new school term, with uniform quality, design and durability. Officials can also instantly issue individual cards for new enrollees or to replace lost cards, as needed.
??Cost and time savings: Deployment required a low capital investment, and the system was easy to set up and use with minimal operator training.
??Adaptability to meet future needs: The field-upgradeable DTC4500 can be modified to fit new requirements as the district’s ID system needs change and evolve. Some school sites are already using the cards for additional applications including checking out media center resources and tracking cafeteria food purchases.
??Versatile operation: Asure ID enterprise software simplifies the process of card design, data entry and badge creation, including automating the synchronization of ID badge and attendance data with student records information using the software’s LiveLink? capability and the PlascoTrac Data Exchange Modules.
??Simplified attendance management: With PlascoTrac, School officials can scan late-arriving students’ ID cards and automatically print a tardy pass, cutting processing time by 50-60 percent.

“We are very pleased with DPS’ success with this card issuance solution,” said Craig Sandness, vice president of product marketing, Secure Issuance with HID Global. “We worked closely with DPS and its integrator, Plasco ID, to identify and attempt to solve the school’s current and future security requirements as its needs evolve. This is another great example of how the breadth and depth of HID Global’s secure issuance portfolio is helping our educational customers realize tangible benefits.”

Today, both K-12 schools and higher education colleges and universities must combat growing security threats with shrinking budgets. This has created demand for multi-functional smart cards that provide schools with more versatile and efficient secure ID solutions. Thousands of educational institutions around the world have adopted HID Global’s secure issuance solutions to create, use and manage campus ID cards that can be utilized for physical access to buildings, logical access to networks, library checkout and other services, as well as cashless and debit card transactions on and off campus.

For more information, download the case study.

About HID Global Secure Issuance Solutions
HID Global Secure Issuance solutions enable customers to create, personalize and issue high-quality color photo IDs. Solutions from this business include FARGO? Direct-to-Card (DTC?) and High Definition Printing (HDP?) printer/encoders, Asure ID? card personalization software and a complete line of visual security consumables and accessories.
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About HID Global
HID Global is the trusted source for innovative products, services, solutions, and know-how related to the creation, management, and use of secure identities for millions of customers around the world. The company’s served markets include physical and logical access control, including strong authentication and credential management; card printing and personalization; visitor management systems; highly secure government and citizen ID; and identification RFID technologies used in animal ID and industry and logistics applications. The company’s primary brands include Indala?, ActivID?, EasyLobby?, FARGO?, IdenTrust?, LaserCard? and HID?. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, HID Global has over 2,100 employees worldwide and operates international offices that support more than 100 countries. HID Global? is an ASSA ABLOY Group brand. For more information, visit


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