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Hikvision: Leading the way in making buildings greener and more sustainable

Hikvision: Leading the way in making buildings greener and more sustainable
The company offers a comprehensive smart and green building solution that integrates advanced technologies. The goal is to provide innovative and intelligent technologies that align with the global green building initiatives.
More and more, buildings across the globe are going green. While the definition of green buildings may vary, they share a few common features. These include energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, and superior indoor environment. The momentum seen in green buildings is partly driven by incentive programs put forward by governments around the world. In the U.S., for example, LEED-certified buildings may be awarded with tax credits, zoning allowances, reduced fees and expedited permitting.
With green buildings becoming an irreversible trend, developers and users need a trusted partner who delivers complete and all-encompassing green building solutions. This is where Hikvison comes in. The company offers a comprehensive smart and green building solution that integrates advanced technologies such as video security, multi-dimensional perception and intelligent automation. The goal is to provide innovative and intelligent technologies that align with the global green building initiatives.

AIoT integration and ‘digital twin’

At the center of Hikvision’s smart and green building solution is a platform that integrates a diverse range of AIoT applications. These include sensors, cameras, alarms and access control installed at various points of the building. The convergence also encompasses multiple subsystems, including lighting, energy management, environmental monitoring, HVAC, and more.
Gatling Chen, Solution Director at Hikvsion said: “A key feature of the platform is the ability to produce a digital twin – or virtual model – of the building, using data gathered from the connected devices and subsystems. The digital twin can provide intuitive insights into environmental quality, water and electricity efficiency, energy and atmospheric conditions, personnel access, parking details, and more. This enables improved real-time monitoring and control of building operations, allowing for enhanced energy management and resource optimization.”

Addressing various green building challenges

Together, the platform and its digital twin-creating capability can help address various challenges that developers and users of green buildings are often faced with. Below we take a closer look.

Environment information at the perception level

One challenge facing green building operators is obtaining accurate building environment information at the perception level – Is the building too hot? Too cold? Too humid? Hikvision’s solution provides comprehensive environmental perception capabilities, aggregating temperature, humidity, air quality, water immersion, and smoke detection within the building to provide early warnings and notifications.

Reliable evidence reception and verification

A lack of reliable evidence reception and verification during emergencies can be another challenging issue. In this regard, Hikvision has integrated into their solution video security, access control and alarm systems to enhance building security, prevent incidents, and respond quickly during emergencies. In the event of fire, for example, the solution ensures that automatic door opening highlights evacuation paths, and real-time two-way audio broadcasts guide orderly actions.

Streamlining building operations and efficiency

With intelligent access control features, Hikvision’s green building solution enables efficient and paperless operations. This ranges from visitor exit/entrance to elevator management to employee attendance. The solution further allows effective monitoring, analysis, and optimization of energy usage, covering meeting rooms, parking lots, and public areas within the building. This will lead to increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Making the Asian Games greener and smarter

The solution has found its way into various projects throughout Asia. These projects encompass not just commercial buildings, but also sports venues, healthcare facilities and educational institutions. One success story involves Hikvision working with several venues in Hangzhou, China, that will be hosting the Asian Games in 2023. The solution adds greenness and intelligence to the game venues which can then be enjoyed by athletes, visitors and staff alike. Key highlights include the following:
Digital twins: Digital twins of the three main venues accurately and virtually represent the physical space, allowing venue operators to simulate changes or scenarios in real time;
Dynamic integration of operation data: The platform integrates data from 14 subsystems across the venues, such as electromechanical systems and intelligent systems, and displays the data on one screen, keeping staff informed of any changes at any time;
Virtual patrol: A remote patrol inspection solution allows inspectors to virtually “walk” around the venues freely. During their remote patrol inspection, inspectors can retrieve images from cameras installed along the route to understand the real situation in real time;
Heat map: A heat map shows the density of people in different locations, giving obvious indication to operators about how many people are in one certain location;
Automatic early warning for equipment failure: To ease operations, the platform sends alarms through the 3D model once a device connected to the platform fails;
Real-time energy consumption data: The platform includes a module for the venues' energy consumption management, through which the staff can easily understand how much water or electricity is consumed, both in real time and in trends;
One-click control of lights: The exteriors of the venues are covered with 12,000 LED point light sources. The platform enables staff to remotely control the lights, making it possible to deliver artistically light shows in an energy-efficient manner.


The end goal of any green building is to ensure the building’s overall efficiency and sustainability, as well as the occupants’ well-being. Hikvision’s green building solution serves these purposes well. The solution’s energy-efficient features, environmental monitoring capabilities and robust security systems can assist operators/users in realizing ongoing energy savings, operational efficiency, and compliance with green building certification programs. With Hikvison’s solution, we can expect more green buildings to arise, helping contribute to a more sustainable future.

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