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The 10 best smart locks that work with Alexa

The 10 best smart locks that work with Alexa
We have selected 10 of the best smart locks that work with Alexa which are capable of heightening the security of your smart home.
The smart lock is a lock that are able to be used without the need for keys. These type of Alexa compatible door locks have been in use for some time now, however, smart locks are still a relatively new concept but, Alexa compatible door locks are firmly becoming a feature of smart home products. By using an Alexa compatible door lock, this gives users the ability to control their smart locks that work with Alexa via voice commands.

We have selected 10 of the best smart locks that work with Alexa on the market today, based on Amazon reviews, and users’ feedback. The maximum review score available on Amazon is 5.

10. Haifuan D6300 Bluetooth Digital Door Lock (4.2) 

The Haifun D6300 Bluetooth Digital Door Lock gives users four ways to open their door, the four methods being, a compatible app, M1 card, pass code, and mechanical key. This offers users some level of flexibility in how they decide to operate their smart door lock, the lock can also be operated through remote control if it is connected via an extra gateway acting as a hub, and by adding a hub into the setup, you also have the option of making Alexa compatible via the hub. 

Another key benefit that users can experience with the Digital Door Lock is the code protection function that comes as a provided feature. The code protection function allows users to put in the correct pin code but add in extra digits to fool any onlookers trying to copy the code. The heightened security element of this smart lock has satisfied Amazon users. 

Supplier: Haifuan

9. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4.2) 

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock comes in a compact and sleek design and different color which gives users the opportunity to match the lock to their door color. This means that the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock can be installed without looking out of place, which is important for a lot of August users. With one user commenting on Amazon that, “the smaller size is so much more comfortable and looks less chunky and out of place. I also like the simpler, integrated WiFi support.” Not only does the lock possess a great look, users also have the option of adding an additional August Smart Keypad. The benefit of adding the Smart Keypad would be utilized if someone forgets their smart phone and cannot gain access to their home.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock uses an auto locking function to ensure your front door is always locked when you leave home. The auto-lock works by checking if your door is locked within a specified period of time up to 30 minutes. If the door is not locked, then the smart lock will lock it for you. This function is highly beneficial for those users who often forgot to lock their property, need to use keys all the time or have visitors who need to be managed remotely from distance. With another Amazon reviewer commenting that, “I wanted a smart lock on the door from my garage to the kitchen, so I wouldn’t need to bring my keys with me every time I left the house, and after one week of use, I’m very pleased with the lock. Every feature works as August describe them.” The smart lock makes use of geo-fencing and automatically unlocks the door when you arrive home, by recognizing your smartphone. The benefit of this lock is that keys are never needed, or taking your phone out of your pocket to bap the lock in order to open the door unnecessary. 

Supplier: August

8. Alfred Smart Lock (4.3)

Alfred Smart Lock is a Bluetooth-enabled, network-ready motorized deadbolt smart lock that is Alexa compatible. Alfred can be fully controlled from your smartphone and collects a log of guests, so you’re able to see who has entered the premises. 20 unique pin codes can be programmed for single or timed use, giving users control of entry regardless of where they are. 

The straightforward functionality of Alrfred’s Smart Lock has large appeal to Amazon users. The majority of reviews comment how the Alfred Smart Lock and app are easy to use, it works flawlessly, and it’s a very well designed piece of equipment that looks great. This simplicity of use has ensured that the Alfred Smart Lock achieved a very positive review score.

Supplier: Alfred

7. Kwikset Halo WiFi Smart Lock (4.3) 

The Kwikset Halo WiFi Smart Lock uses the Kiwkset app in order to lock or unlock the deadbolt from a smartphone. The smart lock will send confirmation commands to your smart phone, and remote locking/unlocking is available through the Kwikset app, in case users forget to lock their door when they, or their guests leave their property. Auto-locking is a function that Amazon users have been pleased with, because it can give users peace of mind and save them time by not needing to return to their property to check if they did lock the door. 

When the lock is connected to WiFi, an event history log can be viewed. This is beneficial to users, especially if there is an unrecognized entry on the log. User access codes and schedules can be created, with the amount of codes being available set at a monumental 250. This is a higher number than a lot of similar smart locks that are compatible with Alexa are capable of, therefore this provides a great benefit to users who need to manage a large number of people coming and going to their property.  Kwikset uses a keypad and this seems to have found favor with one Amazon user review stating, “I love the keypad, it’s not a touchscreen so it works instantly! Other keypads you have to touch so that they turn on, then you have to hit two buttons then enter your code. By then, the thief has got you!”

Supplier: Kwikset

6. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro (4.4)

The U-Bolt Pro by Ultraloq is a 6-in-1 smart lock that gives users the opportunity to employ a lock that makes use of all the current modern smart lock technology by installing one device.  The 6 methods used to control the lock are, smartphone app, fingerprint, pin code, auto unlock, magic shake, and a mechanical key.  This gives the U-Bolt Pro a flexibility that isn’t often seen in the smart lock field and the lock can also be controlled by Amazon Alexa or Google Home, this flexible approach is one of the reasons that it has been highly rated by Amazon users. 

Amazon users have commented that the lock is easy to install, and even when consumers have had problems they’ve still be pleased due to excellent customer service, with one Amazon reviewer pointing out that they are happy to no longer need their keys, but are content to have a backup option if the battery fails by stating, “I am using it for 2 weeks. My wife loves it, no more keys needed. Nice to have a backup option to open lock by key, in case of battery crash or device fails.” While another user stated, “It’s nice to be able to use your children’s biometrics rather than the pass-code that they can accidentally or on purpose tell their friends or others (my kids are 5 and 6).” The reviews show the flexibility of installing a 6-in-1 smart lock in their home.

Supplier: Ultraloq

5. Simplisafe Smart Lock (4.4)

The Simplisafe smart lock has garnered a good reputation and a high amazon review score due to a few different features, such as the ability to automatically lock the door when someone has forgotten to do so, impeding intruders by automatically locking the door for 30 minutes if 15 failed pin entries occur, and getting alerts sent to your smartphone anytime someone comes or goes to your property. Customers are happy with how well it fits together with other products in the Simplisafe system, how easy it is to install, and how well it works once installed. These are some of the most consistent points of what consumers are looking for and Simplisafe look to have realized that, then put it into action by nailing the usability of this smart lock. 

Another standout function of the Simplisafe smart lock is door damage prevention feature, the lock senses when the door is closed before extending the deadlock and this helps not to damage the doorframe when the door is slammed. The lock comes with a PIN pad and can be used via a smartphone or by entering the code into the pin. Notifications are sent to alert users to when the door is opened or locked, which is one of the most important features of a smart lock. The Simplisafe ticks a lot of boxers that users are looking for, therefore we can see why it has ranked highly on Amazon. 

Supplier: Simplisafe

4. Yale Assure Lock (4.4)

The Yale Assure Lock is a door lock that works with Alexa and integrates with your smart home system. It is also capable of being controlled via a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa. High the high integration capabilities of this Yale lock have helped it to achieve a very positive feedback score on Amazon. 

Unique codes can be sent to people in order to apply an effective access control management solution by installing Alexa locks onto your property. Once the code is finished being used, it can be deleted, as and when is needed. As well as unique codes, the lock also is capable of automatic locking when approaching the door with your cellphone. Amazon users have commented that they are very pleased with the quality and build of this Alexa lock, compared to others on the market. 

Supplier: Yale

3. Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt (4.5)

The Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt is a Z-Wave deadbolt smart lock that requires a Z Wave smart home system in order to control the lock through a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa. Connection through Z Wave ensures a higher level of security and provides an Alexa smart lock with less interference than is experienced on Bluetooth and Wifi networks because of Z Wave using dedicated frequency bands. 

By using the fingerprint resistant touchscreen, up to 30 access codes can be shared with family, friends, or other guests. Your doors can be locked or unlocked remotely through your smartphone by using Zigbee-certified apps which includes Amazon Alexa and Amazon Key app, and a spare key is included with the lock as a backup solution if/when needed. One amazon user’s review stated that he loves this lock because he uses it for his condo and was cautious about using a key. Now guests only have to insert the code to enter the condo, and there is no worry of lost, or copied keys. 

Supplier: Schlage

2. Wyze Lock (4.5)

The Wyze lock has become a popular addition to peoples smart home system’s due to its easy setup and price point. With one Amazon review commenting, “I’d be transitioning my house slowly to a smart home. I always wanted a smart lock, but my hand was forced when we hired a dog sitter for an up-and-coming vacation. The lock has been everything I was looking for so far, with the dog sitter managing to gain access easily enough and control of that access being managed from my vacation, and I also helped my daughter get inside the house when she lost her keys.”

The Wyze Lock is equipped with a lot of features that the majority of smart locks on the market possess, featuring, keyless door entry, access sharing, door position detection, voice control capabilities, and auto-lock/auto-unlock. By including many of these features, Wyze Lock is offering premium features at a fraction of the price. 

Supplier: Wyze

1. Lockly Secure Pro (4.7)

Lockly Secure Pro Dead Bolt comes equipped with an advanced 3D fingerprint sensor. The WiFi smart door lock has a unique digital keypad with a pin generated by pin genie technology every time someone approaches, making it extremely difficult for snooping eyes to guess the correct combination because of the always shuffling number locations. Up to 99 fingerprints can be stored, meaning there is enough for all your family, friends and guests. 

A WiFi hub is included with the lock upon purchase, making it easy to control your door from anywhere from the convenience of your smart phone via Bluetooth or WiFi, regardless of where you are in the world. The Lockly Secure Pro is capable of being controlled by Alexa voice commands by adding an Amazon Echo Dot to the system, to use Alexa with this lock, the Echo Dot is necessary. Amazon users have commented that the unique pin functions are of great benefit to improved security. This lock is especially ideal for condos, hotels, or other types of accommodation where people are coming and going but need unique password codes to enter. 

Supplier: Lockly
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