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10 Alexa compatible security cameras that are rated highly on Amazon

10 Alexa compatible security cameras that are rated highly on Amazon
Looking for a security camera that works with Alexa? We have selected 10 popular Alexa compatible cameras capable of building an Alexa compatible security camera system
Alexa compatible security cameras offer users security cameras that can be integrated with Amazon Alexa to offer more wide-ranging control methods, increasing simplicity of use. These cameras are used in homes, offices, and small-to-medium business environments.

By building a smart home security system, you not only gain management, and control over the surveillance of your property, you can also include a host of other applications like Amazon Fire TV support from security cameras, and cloud service providers creating easy platforms to offer easy access to the Echo show.

We have selected 10 security cameras for indoor and outdoor use that have a good feedback rating on The Amazon ratings are current at the time of writing, and the average review score is shown in brackets after the product name. The maximum review score available on Amazon is 5.

10. Canary View  (4.1) 

Canary View is an indoor home security camera that is compatible with Amazon Alexa, therefore control of the camera can be utilized via voice commands, or by a third party control such as the AIFA i-Ctrl. Most of the common features that can be found on home security cameras have been implemented into Canary View such as, the ability to watch live recording from your phone, or tablet, night vision, and a two-way talk function. 

One of the stand out features on the Canary View is its one-touch access to emergency service responders, this service makes it stand out from the crowd. Add in a simple setup process and it isn’t difficult to see why the Canary View garnered such a high-feedback score on Amazon, with users commenting that they have used the camera for checking on their dog, elderly relatives and because it has good movement detection.

The one-touch button access to emergency services is very appealing to vulnerable people living alone and adds great benefit in adding the camera to such an environment. In the case of accidents or emergencies, they can have comfort of mind that all they need to get help is push a single button, which no doubt will be in high-demand, especially during the COVID-19 era. 

Supplier: Canary 

9. AKASO B60 Outdoor Security Camera  (4.3) 

The AKASO B60 Outdoor Security Camera has Amazon users commenting that they are pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of setup and use, while they’re also pleased by the quality of recording from a camera in this kind of price bracket (currently listed for US$39.99 at the time of writing).

The key attraction of the AKASO B60 is the level of quality, in regards to its cost – offering great value for money in a competitive market. It also comes with many features prominent in many of today’s home cameras, such as, being compatible with Amazon Alexa, night vision, remote access and recording, and being weatherproof. All these aspects combined have propelled the AKASO B60 Outdoor Security Camera towards a positive Amazon review, with one Amazon user commenting, ‘I am greatly satisfied at how good this camera is for the price.’
Supplier: AKASO Tech 

8. Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera (4.4) 

If you’re searching for a versatile and portable home security camera, then the Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera could just be what you’re looking for. This weather resistant camera is powered by rechargeable batteries, meaning it can be located on any part of your property as long as it has a WiFi connection. The Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera doesn’t require a hub in order for it to function, increasing the versatility of this Alexa compatible outdoor camera as an option for your home security.  

The flexibility of this camera is what largely appeals to users, with users commenting it has enabled them to install the camera in places where they may have previously been unable to, such as by the swimming pool, the garage, or other difficult to monitor locations. One Amazon user commented that, ‘I still haven’t had to charge the batteries after the initial charge, I am impressed by the battery life meaning I no longer need to use a wired camera.’ Some of the other camera features include, motion detection, secured with Kami Cloud, and water resistant. 

Supplier: Yi Technology

7. Zmodo 1080p indoor/outdoor WiFi camera (4.4) 

The popularity of the Zmodo 1080p Indoor/Outdoor Wifi Camera stems from users not needing a subscription service in order to use the camera, but a 7 or 30 day cloud recording plan is needed to store recorded videos. The ability to expand the Alexa security camera system with multiple Zmodo cameras into the home security system without complications is another added bonus. A customizable app is included, which gives users the ability to set up groups, and control who has access to viewing the camera.

The camera includes all the regular features seen in most home security cameras, such as night vision, motion detection alerts, and motion detection zones. The ability to add multiple cameras, at multiple locations is emphasized by user’s comments stating, ‘I have 2 cameras located at two different properties’ and ‘I have a camera facing the front street, and one at the back overlooking the pool’. However, the key appeal of the Zmodo is mostly the ability to use the camera without needing a subscription service, which in the today’s subscription economy is rare.

Supplier: Zmodo

6. Lorex smart outdoor WiFi security camera with advanced active deterrence (4.4)

The Lorex 1080p Active Deterrence WiFi Camera is capable of distinguishing between people and vehicles, this aspect of the camera’s motion ability gives users an option that is usually only available on premimum camera models in the security market. The camera’s ability to distinguish between people and vehicles has been seen as a real perk driving the popularity of this camera, with users commenting, ‘the camera being able to separate vehicles from humans is great, as it cuts down on false alarms.’ Motion detection alerts are sent to phones when activity is detected on a user’s property, and a light is built into the camera ensuring that close proximity areas have an extra backlight for ‘dark scene’ images.

Users have stated on Amazon that this camera is a viable alternative to Ring or Nest cameras at cheaper price point, because of its ability to detect, and tell apart objects and people. 
Supplier: Lorex Technology

5. Kasa Cam Outdoor (4.4) 

The Kasa Smart (KC200) Outdoor Camera by TP-Link is a weatherproof camera that can be mounted anywhere outside your home. The adaptability of where the Kasa Smart Outdoor Camera can be mounted is what has made this camera a popular choice to Amazon Users. On top of its adaptable mounting ability, users have been impressed with the camera design, meaning that small adjustments are easy to accomplish without major changes to the outside walls or ceiling of your house.

The ability to ceiling mount the camera has proved to be a popular feature of the Kasa Smart Outdoor Camera, with one user commenting, ‘When I purchased this camera I expected to have to wall mount it, but was delighted to discover it can be ceiling mounted under an eave, which trivialized my installation since an eave is much easier to deal with than a wall’. The camera comes complete with all the usual features such as, being weatherproof, and creating active zones.

Supplier: Kasa Smart

4. Tethys wireless security camera  (4.4) 

TETHYS Wireless Security Camera is another camera that comes in at the budget option price range ($26.99 at the time of writing). The camera comes with stripped down features compared to the premium options, keeping what it considers are the bare essentials of a security camera, such as, motion detection alerts, data privacy protection, and night vision. 

Amazon users have commented on amazon reviews that they have used this camera to ‘keep their eye’ on their young children, or in other words, they don’t need to follow them all around the house anymore, as they can check what they are up by placing the camera in their child’s bedroom just as one user commented she did by saying, ‘I was looking for a camera to put in my son’s room so that I don’t have to follow him upstairs all day long but can still keep an eye on him.’ Anyone looking for a low-price security camera that has enough features to maintain basic security would do no wrong in looking at the TETHYS Wireless Security Camera. This camera is perfect for watching over loved ones due to its cheap price point.

Supplier: Tethys

3. Wansview 1080P Q5  (4.5) 

The Q5 by Wansview is a wireless HD indoor security camera that connects through WiFi. The camera offers pan/tilt/zoom capability, which can’t be offered by many other cameras in a similar bracket. By making use of a pan/tilt/zoom function, every inch of your home should be able to be covered by Wansview’s Q5 indoor camera.

The Q5 supports Micro SD Card storage up to 128GB so they can be replayed on the network at a later date, or they can be stored onto Cloud storage to avoid the risk of losing videos because of lost, damaged or stolen Micro SD Cards. Amazon users have commented that the ease-of-setup, ease-of-use, digital zoom, and a nice design are what have given this camera its high rating. With one user commenting, ‘I had previously been using my Amazon Echo Spot to “drop-in” and keep an eye on my home. This wifi camera provides a better and easier way to do this instead, and also has a two-way communication function. This means you can speak to anyone who’s in the range of the camera, and they can speak back to you.’
Supplier: Wansview

2. Wyze Cam v2 (4.5)

The Wyze Cam v2 is a HD Alexa indoor camera that utilizes a WiFi connection, and is highly suited for users who want home security installed in their home without the initial expensive outlay in building a home surveillance system. The current price point ($25.98) is attractive for first time home security owners, giving them a first look at what it is like having a smart surveillance camera at home, which the user can decide if the one camera is sufficient enough for their needs or they need to build/expand to a more expansive and advanced system to fully cover their home. 

The Wyze Cam’s features could be consider beginner-level compared to other cameras on the list, but the camera can be bought for a fraction of the price, therefore it won’t break the bank. Users have posted reviews stating that they are amazed with how good the quality is, for a camera in this price bracket. The low price point gives it higher reviews than its competitors on the market. The Wyze Cam offers, live streaming, and sound recording, and motion detection, with free storage, and night vision. 

Supplier: Wyze 

1. Netvue Outdoor Security Camera (4.5) 

The Netvue Outdoor Security Camera is a 3 megapixel super HD zoom camera. The camera comes with a lot features incorporated that focus on enhancing the quality of the camera’s core features. These features include, a metal casing, ultra-low power consumption, motion detection and instant alarms, Alexa compatible, two-way audio, WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), and audio noise suppression. 

This focus has satisfied a lot of customers who have purchased this camera from Netvue, with users leaving plenty of positive reviews mostly in regards to image quality, performance and build quality. With the theme of great image quality, high-performance, and quality build being consistent feedback running throughout the majority of comments on amazon.

Supplier: Netvue
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