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10 Amazon Alexa-compatible smart home products with good market feedback

10 Amazon Alexa-compatible smart home products with good market feedback
Almond 3 is Securifi’s latest innovation to quickly establish a single, secure Wi-Fi network at home. Almond wirelessly communicates with smart devices throughout the home.

Securifi Almond 3

Almond 3 is Securifi’s latest innovation to quickly establish a single, secure Wi-Fi network at home. Almond wirelessly communicates with smart devices throughout the home.

The Almond 3 makes it easy to set up a simple home alert system with a variety of door, window, motion, flood and even vibration sensors. Users can control connected sensors with the free Almond app and monitor them with push notifications to the phone.

Almond 3 is compatible with many smart home devices like lights, thermostats, locks, door sensors and communicates wirelessly with them. Securifi’s open smart home platform works with popular smart home brands like Amazon Echo, Nest, Philips Hue and Yale.

Users will be able to control smart devices with voice commands using Amazon Echo. The Almond 3 pairs with Echo so users can control Home/Away modes and Scenes they have created. For example, they can voice commands like “Alexa, tell Almond to activate Movie Scene,” or “Alexa, tell Almond to set Home mode.”

Philips Hue white and color ambiance A19 starter kit

Philips Hue color and ambiance bulbs can change the color of lighting to meet homeowners’ mood. Choose between warm and cool tones to brighten the day or warm up the night. This Philips Hue color and ambiance bulb has 16 million color options. This is easy to set up with the corresponding app.

Users can ask Alexa to dim lights down at the end of the day. Relaxing white light will help them unwind and sleep better at night.

Philips Hue can make it seem like users are home when they are not, using the schedule function in the Philips Hue app. Set the lights to come on at a pre-set time, so the lights are on when homeowners arrive home. They can even set rooms to light up at different times. They can also let the lights turn off gradually in the night, so they don’t have to worry whether any lights were left on.

With a starter kit, users can screw the bulbs into existing light fittings and turn on wall light switches. The free iOS and Android compatible app lets users adjust colors, brightness and functions without leaving seat.

Nightingale sleep system

Designed by acoustics experts and audio engineers, Nightingale produces comfortable ambient sounds, called sound blankets, specifically tuned to mask unwanted noises.

These sound blankets take into account user room’s acoustics – wood floors, windows, carpet – and sleep conditions like tinnitus, or snoring from an adjacent room.

With Alexa integration, users will be able to tell Nightingale to launch a goodnight scene, or to adjust the brightness of the nightlight.

Nightingale utilizes the walls to reflect sound blankets into the space from two different units, each with two speakers for maximum sound diffusion. This creates uniform and even coverage – and means the brain can’t perceive where the sound is coming from, making it blend into the background. Nightingale can also play a range of nature sounds to ease users to sleep.

With 15 different sound blankets, Nightingale can reduce wake occurrences by masking common outdoor and indoor noises. Nightingale can be controlled via the mobile app and send weather and traffic alerts.

Samsung POWERbot R9350 turbo robot vacuum

The Samsung POWERbot handles the vacuuming with powerful suction using smart technology and lets users control the machine from smartphone. The vacuum cleaner will maximize cleaning coverage as it navigates the home with ease and avoids obstacles.

The machine works with Amazon Alexa. Users may remotely control the robot vacuum via voice control. It also features CycloneForce Technology to enable more consistent power with less clogging. The Point Cleaning feature lets users simply point for on-demand vacuum cleaning.

The vacuum requires wireless network and Samsung Smart Home and Smart Things App. The Samsung Smart Home and Smart Things app supports Android OS 4.0 (ICS) or later which is optimized for Samsung smartphones (Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series). This app also supports iOS 7 or later for iPhone models. Smart Home App available in App Store and Play Store. Amazon Alexa sold separately.

First Alert Wi-Fi Environment Monitor

First Alert’s Environment Monitor helps keep children safe and comfortable. It monitors temperature, humidity and carbon monoxide. It connects to home Wi-Fi network so users can check on the indoor environment via the First Alert Onelink app.

With integration with Amazon’s assistant Alexa, users can ask Echo to tell them the status of their children’s room. The monitor will alert users when dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are detected. A loud siren will also sound.

The LED ring on the device will change color to indicate change in the temperature in the environment. The blue color indicates it is too cold, the white color just right, amber too warm, and red when carbon monoxide is detected.

Belkin Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer

The WeMo Dimmer is the latest gadget in Belkin’s lineup of smart plugs and switches. With the device, users can set the ambiance of any room and control their lights from anywhere with Wemo Dimmer. This smart dimmer connects to existing home Wi-Fi network to provide wireless control of lights – with no subscription or hub required.

From bedroom lights and dining room chandeliers to recessed lighting, Wemo Dimmer can control nearly anything that a traditional dimmer switch can.

Wemo Dimmer works with Amazon Alexa to give users hands-free voice control over their lights. Pair Wemo Dimmer with Amazon Alexa to dim the light with just voice.

Wemo Dimmer lets users set automatic schedules for any light. Using the free Wemo app, users can schedule hall lights to turn off at sunrise, or synchronize living room lights with the sunset so the house is lit with homeowners come home.

The WeMo Dimmer is the best-looking WeMo gadget to date. Much of it is due to the new touch-sensitive dimming controls. Along with the on/off button at the bottom of the switch, users can glide their finger up and down the groove in the center of the dimmer to adjust the brightness, with tiny LED lights illuminating as they go.

AIRMEGA 400S The smarter air purifier

Airmega’s air quality sensor tells users the quality of the air in the room in real time. The brightly colored LED ring lets users know if the air is fresh or unhealthy every minute of the day.

Airmega’s Smart Mode automatically adjusts the air filtration speed according to the room’s current air quality. When the air quality remains good for 10 minutes or more, Airmega conserves energy by shutting down the fan. If the sensor detects pollution in the air, the fan will restart automatically.

Now, with Alexa in play, owners of an Alexa-enabled device like the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot smart speakers will be able to control or monitor air quality using their voice. For example, they can say: “Alexa, turn the air purifier on,” or “Alexa, increase the air purifier’s fan speed.”

The purifier’s dual-filtration system removes 99.97percent of particulate matter from the air, while the accompanying pollution indicator allows users to monitor and manage air quality real-time.

Brink’s Array smart lock

The Brink’s Home Security Array smart lock is a cloud- and app-enabled internet of things (IoT) device that homeowners can use without adding separate hubs or accessories.

Array connects to the cloud using a home’s existing Wi-Fi router, and its advanced rechargeable power system with built-in solar panel eliminates the need to replace and discard batteries.

Users won’t be able to unlock the door with a spoken command. Amazon’s always-listening Echo can be controlled by anyone, so for security reasons, users will only be able to lock the door.

This smart door lock will stay charged thanks to the solar energy it absorbs from the sun. The battery can also be detached to be charged. It allows users to put the lock on doors that don’t get a lot of light.

Array’s elegantly designed form factor complements Brink’s Home Security Push Pull Rotate door knobs, levers and handlesets, providing a fully hands-free way for homeowners to open their doors. ARRAY is the only smart lock that can be opened five ways: smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, durable metal keypad and traditional key.

Linksys Velop

Velop is a high-performance modular Wi-Fi mesh system for the entire home. It delivers full-strength and ultra-fast signal. It is modular and available in one, two or three pack, and provides homeowners the freedom to place additional nodes to reach difficult spots like the basement or backyard for extensive Wi-Fi coverage. As such, it enables home residents to stream, game and watch 4K/HD TV.

The Velop mesh system operates as one network and continuously searches for connected devices at home. The Linksys App enables users to access and control home Wi-Fi from anywhere.

To use Alexa, users need to associate the device with a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi account. After then, they run the Alexa mobile app and add skills to that account. There are three types of command. Users can ask Alexa to turn on/off guest Wi-Fi, reveal guest Wi-Fi name and password, and reveal the password for the main Wi-Fi network.

Aristotle baby monitor

Aristotle combines baby monitor, nightlight, speaker, camera and sound machine into one solution.

Users can log baby’s daily activities like feeding, sleeping and diaper changes through the app or by telling Aristotle using voice. They can even keep track of baby’s growth and check baby’s weight and height percentile. Store and access the data remotely from anywhere to keep track of baby’s progress.

Aristotle responds to voice commands to give users hands-free convenience. Turn on changing lights, play lullabies, or white noise, all without lifting a finger. Aristotle leaves users hands free for what matters – the baby. Let Aristotle know when users are feeding, pumping or putting baby down all by voice.

Every detail of Aristotle was crafted with a parent’s view of safety and security. Aristotle has an array of parental controls in place, and has been designed from a security-first position to ease any concerns about kids’ data collection and privacy.
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