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How security robots are geared to help you fight COVID-19

How security robots are geared to help you fight COVID-19
Robots are probably one of the best solutions to deploy during a pandemic because they can replace people for many tasks without the risk of infection.
Robots are probably one of the best solutions to deploy during a pandemic because they can replace people for many tasks without the risk of infection. Many hospitals have realized this and have used robots to carry food and medicine to infected patients, thereby keeping their staff physically away from the patients. Factories are also following suit with robots that can automate processes.

Security robot makers are also sensing this as an opportunity where they can add more value to their customers. Most major security robots are autonomous and equipped with cameras and even analytic systems. They are already good at patrolling areas for security and robotic surveillance. Adding a layer of health care safety was just the need of the hour.

Cobalt robot for safer workplaces

Cobalt Robot
The Cobalt security robot is known for its indoor security features, especially in offices where it can operate safely among people. Now, to take its features further and make offices safe during COVID-19, the manufacturer has added temperature screening, mask/PPE checks, and social distancing monitoring. 

Cobalt screens body temperature using a FLIR thermal camera from tear ducts, which is considered the best possible mode of contactless temperature screening. The robot also politely informs about the need to maintain distance when it comes across groups. These functions are apart from the robot's primary purpose of patrolling office spaces for security, which becomes even more relevant as most employees work from home.

Knightscope reminds you of the risks

Knightscope robot
Knightscope is probably one of the most well-known security robots in the market today. In April this year, as the COVID-19 became a global concern, makers of Knightscope offered a free upgrade to their machines that would add the public announcements feature.

"We are pleased to announce that our COVID-19 Public Safety Broadcast Announcements feature now live and deployed in production," William Santana Li, chairman and CEO at Knightscope, said in a press release. "We offered this as a free upgrade to all Knightscope clients as part of our Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS) subscription offering. The majority of our clients were excited to activate the feature, with many even asking for their own custom messages tailored to their respective facilities."

P-Guard to enforce lockdown

Worldwide, governments have fought the coronavirus outbreak with a complete or partial lockdown. But enforcing this lockdown has not been easy as authorities can't have personnel monitoring every nook and corner of a country. Such a concern could be partly alleviated if you are making use of robotic guards to patrol the lockdown area.

Authorities in Tunisia have made use of Enova Robotic's P-Guard, a rugged machine built for multi-terrain applications, according to a release from the company's partner for cameras, VIVOTEK. The robot is equipped with dual 4-megapixel wide-angle lenses, seamless 180-degree panoramic views, and IR illuminators that are effective up to 20 meters.


Rovenso plans to disinfect with patrol

Rovenso's disinfectant robot
Rovenso is a Swiss startup that focuses on security robots. As COVID-19 became a global concern, the company began considering the possibility of a robot that can disinfect as it patrols workspaces. The idea was not a machine that would just randomly flash UV lights to cover a whole room but one that could perceive the space around it, autonomously decide what needs to be disinfected (for instance, tables and desks may need more attention than the ceiling), and use its resources judiciously.

This robot is still at the development phase, but the company is exploring its feasibility in various markets.

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