Intercoms in upscale apartments: Design, user experience matter too

Intercoms in upscale apartments: Design, user experience matter too
High-end apartments are on the rise in major metropolises across the world. When installing door entry systems, developers are looking for products that provide exceptional design and user experience in addition to security. Vendors and their integrator partners that can offer solutions in this regard may get more of a chance to win projects.
That’s the point raised by Fermax in a recent blog post, which cited its installations in various places across Europe.
High-end apartments are mushrooming around the globe. According to a report by RENTCafe, in 2015 75 percent of all large multi-family rental developments in the U.S. completed were high-end rentals. Moreover, the portal cited early 2016 data as suggesting of all large apartment buildings finalized in the first quarter of that year, 79 percent were categorized as luxury.
Against this backdrop, developers are looking for cutting-edge door entry systems that combine security, design and user experience that appeal to potential buyers. In the blog post, Fermax cited its various European installations that meet user demands in this regard. One is Saint Justina, a residential complex located in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. "The project was completed in 2016, and it is a sustainable project composed of a landscaped park and 63 apartments with fantastic views to Vitosha mountain," Fermax said. "Designed to take the nature into account, more than 50 percent of the project is composed of green areas. Fermax installation is composed of 4 digital SKYLINE panels. To communicate the exterior with the apartments, both monitors and telephones were installed: SMILE monitors and LOFT telephones. The technology used was the MDS/VDS from Fermax."
Another project underscores the importance of user experience. "The video door entry system installed in Belgradzka in Poland is Fermax's VDS technology, including 218 door entry monitors of the 3.5-inch SMILE monitor version. It is a monitor for the advanced management of the communication from home that allows an intuitive use and operated in hands-free mode. SMILE provides features as the 'Do Not Disturb' function or silent mode, or lift control among other functionalities," the blog post said.
Home automation integrated with door entry is another feature users look for. In another post, Fermax cited its installation in Le Nouvel KLCC, a luxury apartment complex in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where home automation is made possible by Fermax’s LYNX system based on a standard protocol that can be integrated with other systems. “LYNX is based technologically on a TCP/IP system, allowing to manage an unlimited number of door entry systems, communication channels and data transfer. The system grants an easy integration of home automation solutions, access control and video surveillance services. It is about an IP technology that transforms the door entry monitor into the technological heart in the home,” Fermax said.
Finally, security is still what residents are looking for when investing in their properties. As such Le Nouvel KLCC also includes Fermax’s biometric fingerprint readers in the apartments' access. “Access to any single apartment is done by using the biometric fingerprint reader of Fermax. Inkey by Fermax is a flexible fingerprint reader to custom project that can be adapted to the needs of every access control installation. This device is able to manage up to 4.500 users if it works with a fingerprint per person, and up to 2.970 users if the system saves 2 fingerprints per person,” Fermax said.

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