What to consider when installing a door entry system

What to consider when installing a door entry system
A door entry system is an essential security requirement for any building or home. The technology behind the system as well as the materials used are among the factors that should be considered. Ultimately, the installer should take into consideration the user’s own needs and requirement when implementing a system.
Those are the points raised by Fermax in its latest blog post. "There is no doubt that security is an important key when it comes to choose a door entry system. At the same time, it is also important to choose a door entry device that fits into the needs of the end-user," Fermax said.

Audio vs. video

According to Fermax, the first question to be looked at is whether to install a system that’s audio- or video-based. “If you are looking for an essential communication system, and you or your client don't have a special interest about increasing the security of the building or in the home, maybe a voice system is enough,” it said. “But if you want to add extra-security to the door entry system, the perfect selection is the door entry monitor. The video door entry systems have an audiovisual communication system that include a camera in the outdoor panel, and a monitor as indoor solution for homes or businesses. The video door entry system allows to see who is calling to the door and see what's going on outside the building or the house without receiving a call.”

Additional functions in the door entry system

According to Fermax, the technology used in a door entry system, be it audio or video, is evolving constantly. “Some monitors of Fermax can integrate access control solutions, CCTV, home automation solutions or lift control, among others. There are video door entry solutions that incorporate video surveillance cameras, save images and audio notes, call the lift and even manage the automation of homes or facilities,” the company said.


When it comes to choosing an outdoor panel, a very important feature is the quality of materials and the night vision, Fermax said, adding that there are different types of door entry panels – those made of anodized aluminum or stainless steel.
The luminosity must be also considered, the company said. “This functions will allow to view the outdoor images with more quality during the night or in spaces with poor light conditions and increase the security. Fermax outdoor panels have an automatic lighting system for the night vision,” it said.

Number of units to be installed

According to Fermax, another important point to be considered when choosing a door entry system is the number of accesses there will be in the installation. “This aspect is directly related to the security level in the building or in the home. An electronic door entry system allows to open one or two accesses independently. But it is also possible to find double opening systems that permit to open more than one lock releases as independent elements,” it said.
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