Ensuring efficient key management in casinos

Ensuring efficient key management in casinos
Regardless of nature of your business or the industry it belongs to, asset management and protection of assets is an important job. This is especially true in casinos where secure handling of money is extremely critical to proper functioning.
The most common method of protecting assets, is obviously, the use of keys. Use of key is indeed an effective system, but it does bring in the concern of managing the security of keys and the risks associated with losing them.
This is where a solution from Traka, part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, becomes important. Used in several countries across the globe, Traka’s intelligent key management system, using its iFob technology, has turned out to be quite popular among casino businesses. Traka has cabinets that come in three sizes, housing from 10 to 360 keys, virtually providing a solution to manage the thousands of keys in a casino for uses that range from access to count rooms to keys for slots and drop boxes and gaming tables.
Traka's key management helps casinos become smarter. 

Multiple cabinets across a building can also be networked in larger sites, including the provision for temporary key storage in smoke-break cabinets. In fact, the real power of the solution lies in the software that networks the cabinets with an SQL database to control access permissions of differing users to each key and providing full audit of all key transactions in easy-to-use on screen and printed reports.
“The users would have either access via biometrics reader, card or pin and what would happen is that the users would already be set up on the system and they would already have authorized access to certain keys,” said Jason Cooke, Market Development Manager at Traka. “So certain number of staff will not have access to certain keys. You can assign users rights to certain keys. So when they present their identification, the system then comes up with a list of keys that they can take, choose the key, the door opens and then that key is released. Once the user has actually taken that key, the software makes an update on what the person has taken. Once the user is done with the keys, they again present their identification, which will open the door and they are able to put the key back in the system and update the software to show that the key has been returned at a certain date and time.”
For high security keys and master keys, Traka provides multi-level key authorization system. This will ensure that a security manager or other team manager will be present to safeguard against possible fraud.
“Keys are securely attached to the Traka iFob with a tamper proof security seal, and once locked inside the cabinet cannot be taken out unless authorized to do so via the software,” the company explains. “Management has complete control over who can access any key, and reports are easily available on all past key transactions, making significant savings in time, paperwork and productivity.”
Cooke added that Traka’s solution contributes to making casinos smarter, in the sense that they provide enhanced protection of keys, and thereby staff and infrastructure.
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