Casinos generate tons of data. Now analytics makes sense of it all

Casinos generate tons of data. Now analytics makes sense of it all
Analytics, in its various forms, is increasingly becoming an integral part of operational business, helping managers make better decisions by providing them the most relevant information. Several industries have already adopted various forms of analytic solutions, and the casino and gaming industry is no different. In fact, in many ways, the gaming industry has become an industry of managing real-time data streams. The data from a wide variety of sources enable the industry to continue to diversify and grow.

One of the companies that are involved in providing analytic solutions for casinos is the San Diego, California-based VizExplorer. According to Andrew Cardno, co-founder and CTO of the company, good data makes businesses more productive, efficient and profitable. VizExplorer builds powerful, yet intuitive applications that provide solutions to a range of operational, marketing and business challenges.

“With deep roots in casino gaming data, we actively seek to develop relevant technology solutions and apply our expertise to the challenges faced by gaming operators today, with a special focus on gaming floor optimization, marketing automation and intelligence, sales enablement for advanced player development, and smart technical and customer service automation,” Cardno said.

Solutions such as VizExplorer’s give casino managers access to deep analytical insights and advanced math models, as well as tools and best practices to make the right business decisions and scientifically measure the results. Cardno added that compared to business intelligence solutions that provide only streamlined access to data, VizExplorer’s operational intelligence platform pairs data-driven advanced math models, machine learning, automated decision-making and industry expertise with operational tools and real-time alerts to enable operators to execute strategic initiatives at the tactical level.

Market demand for analytics in casinos

There are several factors that are expected to drive demand for analytic solutions in the casino and gaming vertical. Speaking from his company’s perspective, Cardno said that increased competition will lead casinos to look for more sophisticated solutions like the VizExplorer Platform to optimize their gaming operations and revenues.

There is also an increasing need to enhance player-experience and this will require solutions that collect tons of data to personalize the delivery of customer service inside and outside of the casino. Finally, integrated resorts will need deeper insights into how non-gaming divisions like hotel, retail and entertainment can impact gaming business and vice versa. This will require tools that help executives understand key performance indicators across different areas of their operation.

The arrival of artificial intelligence

Advanced math models and machine learning forms a critical part of VizExplorer’s solution. For instance, the company is using machine learning in its Golden Record Database solution to give operators a complete profile of their players and eliminate duplicate records representing a single customer. By intelligently matching data from across multiple internal databases and external systems ––think hotel reservation system, CRM tool, email database, player tracking system, slot accounting system, social media, online activity, point-of-sale transactions and the like––machine learning is helping VizExplorer to deliver a single, more comprehensive record of the customer that incorporates both preference and behavioral information for marketing and sales teams to use more effectively.

“Looking ahead, AI can have a profound impact on customer service using chatbot technology to provide basic customer service via text message to players’ mobile devices when they need it most,” Cardno said.  “Upon arrival at a casino, a VIP player may text a number to ask for their latest offers and get a reply directly to their mobile devices listing their current free-play offers. Upon redemption of the first offer, a host could receive a text alert, triggering an in-person greeting. When the player tracking system records that the VIP player is still active on the casino floor several hours later, it triggers a hotel complimentary offer for that night and automatically delivers it to the VIP’s phone via a text message.”
The reservation process could be reduced to a simple yes/no text reply. Upon leaving, chatbot communication could also alert the valet so the VIP can walk out to a waiting car. From beginning to end, cost effective yet smart chatbot communication can provide what feels like a highly personalized guest experience with very little human interaction.

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