Add value to construction projects with home automation

Add value to construction projects with home automation
With the property market becoming more competitive, developers are seeking to add value to their projects. Home automation, which brings greater ease and convenience to home residents, is one area that developers should consider.
That was the point raised by Fermax in its recent blog titled “Home automation: An investment to add value in the construction.”
Speaking of smart homes, people tend to associate them with wealth and opulence, a luxury only afforded to the well-to-do. But on the contrary, Fermax pointed out that smart homes are actually becoming more and more common. “Having a smart apartment or smart home is no longer exclusive to large and expensive residential complexes,” the blog said. “Its application does not require a complex installation and maintenance costs.”
According to Fermax, a smart home carries many benefits, one of them being energy savings achieved through data generated by various home connected devices. “The smart home directly contributes to transform the home into a more sustainable place from the point of view of the environment, allowing for a more rational consumption of the energy resources. It has a direct impact in the energy savings at home, allowing savings of up to 26 percent,” Fermax said. “Thanks to the consumption monitoring, the user can follow up as many times as desired the data of his consumption in different sections or areas in the home.”
Today, advances in smart home technology allow the control of devices from a single point, most notably the user’s door entry system, Fermax said. “The home automation system can be managed at home or outdoors by using the video door entry monitor from a particular tablet or any smartphone. Integrating management functions and applications from one device has a huge advantage: a single screen to manage all the communication and control systems of home, a single point from which to interact with all automations,” it said.
Given the competition in the real estate market, adding home automation to properties is an investment that is both ideal and worthwhile, given the relatively low upfront cost, Fermax said. “The cost of installing home automation is much less than many people think,” it said. “If we compare the total price of a home with the average home automation project, the latter will not exceed 1 percent of the total cost of the construction.”
Fermax concluded that in a tough competitive landscape, a home automation installation will make the difference. “A smart home will add value in the construction project because the features and equipment included in the project talk about the quality and excellence of the project,” it said. “The great technological revolution in security, comfort and efficiency in the homes comes from the home automation. It responds to the new lifestyle demands and trends.

Check Fermax's blog post: “Home automation: An investment to add value in the construction.”

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