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Security service management platform

Date: 2021/01/20
1.Product introduction
Monitor Net centralized comprehensive management platform is a comprehensive business management platform with alarm video as the core, network as the transmission link, and Internet thinking, big data, cloud computing and intelligent technology system integration. It has the functions of unified storage, centralized display and centralized management based on the platform by connecting the subsystem devices in the security system. It includes video surveillance, alarm, fire safety, access control management, patrol, intelligent analysis, intelligent control, information management and other security technology systems and equipment. Through the centralized management and monitoring of the platform software, cross-field, cross-network, cross-system information resources are integrated and shared, interconnected and mutual controled. At the same time, it provides basic services and application support for video prevention and control, video investigation and video command and dispatch, expands the application scope of each security technology subsystem, enhances the security prevention and control ability, and improves the level of security management.
Monitor Net is a security service software designed specifically for decentralized monitoring sites in large network environments.It is a special platform software for the centralized monitoring and management of different kinds of digital image equipment.It is a kind of third generation network video management platform software which is oriented to business application service, fully digital, networked and highly centralized management.Its main purpose is to meet the high reliability, complexity and flexibility of video and security monitoring business management needs of industry customers.It is suitable for large-scale network video monitoring environment for unlimited ways on PC architecture DVR, embedded DVR, DVS, IP camera, and the user role of alarm equipment, equipment configuration, alarm correlation policy, custom duty, electronic maps, streaming media forwarding, centralized storage, network digital matrix, video conferencing, etc of centralized monitoring and security management.The software is more stable, safe and open, which can meet the various demands of the cross-regional large and medium-sized network video monitoring field in the current banking, urban social security, transportation, communication, electricity, campus, railway and other industries and the demand of future integration into the industry’s large information management system.
2.The security service System construction scheme

3.Platform structure
The software of the platform adopts distributed and centralized architecture. By analyzing the tasks of the system, various modules of the system can be reasonably divided and configured according to the needs to build subsystems flexibly. The whole system is composed of several subsystems at different levels. Each subsystem can work independently or cooperate with other subsystems. The system resources are reasonably dispersed and can be uniformly scheduled. As the scale of the system increases, the complexity of the system will not increase by the square level, so as to achieve high cost performance, high reliability and high availability.

Central processing module
Security management module: the module integrates and effectively links alarm equipment, access control and attendance system, intercom system, patrol management, map application, smart home and other functional subsystems. Through the map can quickly view the real situation, open and close the door, arm/disarm, start the intercom, intelligent electrical control, face information collection, attendance statistics and analysis and other operations. Can also be customized according to user requirements alarm linkage, time and other plan operation.
Video forwarding module: not only can receive embedded DVR, DVS, IP camera video, but also can carry out video forwarding, reduce the load of front-end equipment, and the most important is integrated domain name resolution function.
Video analysis module: This module is mainly responsible for the intelligent video diagnosis server, providing many intelligent analysis functions such as offline detection, video loss detection, image blur detection, noise interference detection, scrolling detection and so on.
SMS/MMS forwarding module: according to the user’s needs, the system will automatically send the alarm information to the user in the form of SMS. SMS has the function of PUSH, and you can click to automatically enter the video link.
Storage module: This module can unify the access, configuration and basic network video storage functions of all network video storage. Consolidation of storage capacity distributed over a network. Adopt the distributed layout, adopt the nearby principle when the video is stored, effectively save the network bandwidth.

Alarm reception module: support network alarm reception and telephone alarm reception, built-in CONTIC NET protocol, can join user-defined protocol, telephone alarm reception has trunk line alarm reception and central machine alarm reception.
Fax information forwarding module: when the sub-center network fails, the system will automatically convert to send information to the sub-center by FAX.
Voice module: automatic response and recording.

Communication signal access module
PSTN access module: receive telephone networking alarm host information, support 4+2, Contact ID, SIA and other mainstream communication protocols.
GSM/GPRS access module: GSM fully has the function of PSTN receiving module, GPRS has online status display, picture receiving, video streaming receiving and other functions.
TCP/IP access module: not only can receive video and text information, but also break the regional boundaries, easily achieve a center can at the cost of zero user call charges, to achieve national networking.
4G access module: It has all the functions of TCP/IP access module.

4.Functions of the platform
4.1Video alarm
The platform data center access the video, alarm and two-way voice information of front-end users through the network mode such as 4G/ASDL/ dedicated line, and then forward it to each alarm service center through the network. Each central platform can directly receive the user’s alarm information and pop up the remote real-time image of the alarm point. At the same time, it can conduct remote two-way voice intercom with the front-end users. The remote video monitoring video platform provided by the data center can provide users with real-time remote video browsing service to the front endpoint.
4.2User Data Management
Unified management is carried out for users of the platform. Superior users can set relevant parameters of subordinate users, and this user can modify his or her own personalized Settings. Users are classified by levels, and their passwords follow the relevant management mechanism of the enterprise. According to the regulations of the enterprise, users can flexibly use the user-level functions to effectively manage user information and user roles.
4. 3 Permission management
Set and control the user’s authority to enhance the access security of the video monitoring platform.A user can define a role, grant permissions to that role, and then grant the role to the user, so that the user has all the permissions for that role.The same role can be authorized to multiple users, so as to reduce the cumbersome configuration of multiple user rights management, improve work efficiency, but also in line with the management habits of enterprises.

4.4 Management of access control
The access control management system includes access control, attendance, personnel access, visual intercom, visitors, consumption, inspection and so on. The authentication method includes face, swipe card, fingerprint, ID card, password, combination authentication, etc.The system provides remote access control function, which can realize access authorization of various personnel combinations.Support authorized users through the way of central intervention through the system identity authentication, the center control access.Support authorized users to enter and exit after authentication through pre-authorization in unauthorized time.

4.5 Environmental Monitoring
In areas where environmental quantities (temperature, humidity, vibration, displacement, harmful gas, etc.) are strictly controlled in enterprise warehouses and computer rooms, the system application platform can display environmental quantity data in real time, and display the front-end environmental quantity detector connected with the alarm front-end controller in the corresponding video screen.It can also generate reports and other data information in real time through the platform. If the environmental quantity data exceeds the set value, the linkage video alarm can be made. The daily management is simple and the alarm is timely.

4.6 Smart Home
Using network communication technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate the facilities related to home life, to achieve lighting control, curtain control, visual intercom, access control, home alarm control, family multimedia and other functions.Smart home devices can be controlled remotely through mobile terminals, such as remote opening of air conditioning and floor heating, and remote viewing of home equipment.It can also realize online entertainment, living payment, health monitoring, distance education and VIP services of high-end property through the life service end of the management platform.

4.7 Network Intercom
The network intercom function includes the intercom function between users and users, the intercom function between users and devices, which can realize the intercom function between monitoring centers, and realize the intercom or voice broadcast between the monitoring center and the front end of a single device or multiple devices.Support cross-domain device intercom or device broadcast.
4.8 Remote device management
Remote management of alarm system: the alarm host with abnormal state can be operated remotely on and off through the system, remote deployment and withdrawal of the alarm host can be carried out through the system, and real-time monitoring of the status of alarm equipment, etc.
Remote management of video system: remote monitoring of parameter change of video equipment, remote switching and operation of machine, etc.
Remote diagnosis of equipment networking status: the system automatically checks the networking status of each device in real time, and prompts the equipment with abnormal network status.

4.9 Statistical Query
Statistical query functions include alarm query, configuration log, control log, equipment log and work record query, etc. It can query statistics for each business in the unified interface.According to the user status, such as: deploy users, withdraw users, alarm users, online users, offline users, users without renewed fees to conduct statistical analysis of the operation status.
4.10 Multi-levels alarm center
The system supports a number of different levels of alarm center at the same time to receive front-end alarm information and images, and can be divided into different levels of the center for alarm processing.The construction of a large alarm video integrated management platform can realize a unified centralized alarm networking center throughout the country.All it takes is a computer to get to a call center across the country.This can not only cross-regional cooperation, but also save the platform equipment and maintenance costs.
4.11 Message push
Enter the subject of the push message and the submission of the content so that the message can be received via APP after the phone is logged in.The function of this value-added service is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is to release alarm messages and greetings to users through the platform, so as to shorten the distance between themselves and users; the other is to release commodity advertisements to users through the platform for the operators to conduct advertising.

4.12 Mobile monitoring
Mobile real-time preview;pan-tilt control, Picture capture;Local video recording, Support iPhone, Android and other mainstream mobile operating systems.
4.13 Log management
Support system log, alarm log, device log, operation log, network management log management;Support log information search by time, type and other conditions;Support log export excel file.
4.14 Electronic maps
Support planar bitmap format electronic map;Support GIS map;Support pop-up video window on the map to browse the real-time images of the monitoring points;You can select the monitoring point, alarm input, access control point, alarm defense area, text mark, map link display and hide, etc., convenient management.Support for map zoom in, zoom out and roaming, more convenient and intuitive view of the monitoring points and map information.Support graphical operation, can view the elements on the map video, view linkage picture video, view alarm history, open and close the door and other operations.
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