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Fire Alarm and automatic panel operation training

Date: 2019/03/26
Fire Alarm and automatic panel Introduction:
The main parts of automatic fire alarm machine consist of alarm device, keyboard, linkage control unit, linkage power supply disk, fire telephone host, fire emergency broadcasting and so on.
Alarm Device:
1. LCD screen: display alarm type, alarm time, alarm address code, alarm equipment name, alarm location.
2. Printer: Print alarm information of alarm equipment, alarm type, alarm time, alarm address code.
3. Indicator area: When the host receives information including feedback, alarm, system status, the corresponding indicator lights on.
Mute, press "mute" button, the mute indicator lights on, the speaker stops sounding. Next time alarm triggers, it will sounds.
Reset, Press "reset" button after fire alarm has been dealt or system fault has been dealt. Password is required to confirm. After reset, all the fire alarm, feedback or fault displaying will be cleared and the system enters into normal monitor status.
Bypass button. Bypass is used to temporarily isolate the fault part of system. Fault alarm will not be triggered after bypass. During system bypass time, more partrol time is needed until fault part is repaired or replaced. Unbypass should be used to resume the system.
start button: the equipment controlled by the panel can be started or stopped by start button on panel or linkaged device. If using panel to control it, the controlled equipment type and address is required to input. If using linkage device to control it, it is linked and can fast drive it. No matter which way is used, the control panel should be under "manual enabled" status to effect the function.
Automatic and Manual control switch. Manual control means the peripheral equipment will be drived by pressing of start button. Automatic control means the peripheral equipment will be drived automatically by system. It is best to use manual controlling for the bus-model fire alarm system if someone is on duty.
Record check: press record check button, it will display recorded alarm information. If the printer is under printing status when you browsing the record, you can select record to print. The alarm record should be recorded in Fire Duty Diary with details including alarm cause, dealing result and partrol person.
Fire telephone system
Check the fire telephone system communication between fire phone host and fire phone extension. Firstly, pick up the fire phone host receiver, input password, press the corresponding extension selection key(key 2), the corresponding fire extension phone rings, relative staff picks up the receiver and talk. Voice communication should be good. Secondly, Fire extension phone calls to fire host phone and talks. The voice communication should be good.
Fire Emergency Broadcasting System
Steps for operating fire broadcasting system
1. Start the broadcast module
2. Pick up the microphone and select the area of notification needed on the radio distribution disk
3. Press the Speech Button on the Microphone to broadcast
Fire detection and fire warning device introduction.
There are Photoelectric smoke detector, temperature change detector, composite smoke heat detector, ultraviolet flame detector, infrared beam smoke detector, manual alarm button, sound and light alarm, etc.
Demonstration of alarm for smoke detector test device
The smoke detector test device is used to detect whether the alarm function of the detector is good and whether the alarm location is correct. When use smoke detector test device for testing, the alarm control panel should be at manual status, so as to enable mute and reset operation after test.
Steps for using smoke detector test device
1. Rotate off the upper joint of the smoker from the upper cylinder. Install the smoking rod on the incense column. After the smoking rod is ignited, rotate the upper joint into the upper cylinder. Adjust the detection rod length according to the detection height.
2. Connect the bottom plug of the smoker to the upper interface of the lengthening rod.
3. After the connection is completed, press the power switch, then the fan starts to work, the smoke generated by the cigarette stick is blown out. Aligning the nozzle with the alarm smoke hole, the smoke can be detected.
Demonstration of Alarm Linkage Elevator Forced Landing
When the elevator is forced to land, the elevator should automatically stop on the first floor, and the door of the elevator is always open. The time for the elevator to drop from the top floor to the first floor should not exceed 60 seconds.
After the elevator is forced to land, the fire fighters should follow the steps: press the fire fighters exclusive using button, then enter into the elevator, press the close door key, and then press the floor to be reached.
Demonstration of Fire-proof Curtain Door Starting
The two-step fire-proof rolling shutter door is mainly installed in the evacuation passage.
The linkage steps of two-step falling fire-proof roll-curtain door are as follows: when the fire alarm control panel is at automatic state, The fire-proof roll-curtain door will fall to half-drop when the smoke detector beside the fire-proof roll-curtain door alarms. When the temperature detector near the fire-proof roll-curtain door alarms, the fire-proof roll-curtain door falls to completely drop off.
One-step fire-proof rolling doors are mainly installed in fire-proof compartments.
The linkage steps of the one-step falling fire-proof rolling shutter door is: when the fire alarm control panel is at automatic state, The fire-proof roll-curtain door drops completely when any detector near the shutter door goes off alarm.
Four Starting Ways of Operating Fire-proof Curtain Door
1. Started by half-drop button for fire-proof rolling shutter door on operation linkage control device in fire security control room
2. When the fire alarm control panel is under automatic status, the fire-proof rolling shutter door can be activated by the detector alarm.
3. Press the "Up" and "Down" buttons in the control box beside the fire curtain door
4. Draw the chain beside the fire-proof rolling shutter door
Above 4 ways, Way 1 and way 2 can only let the fire-proof rolling doors drop. Way 3 and Way 4 can let the fire-proof rolling doors drop or rise.
Introduction of Mechanical Smoke Exhaust System and Positive Pressure Air Supply System
Three Starting Ways of Exhaust Fan
1. After switching the distribution cabinet to the automatic state, press the start button of the positive pressure blower on the linkage control device in the fire control room.
2. After switching the power distribution to the automatic state, switch the fire alarm control panel to the automatic operation state, and then set a smoke detector (or manual alarm button) alarms to trigger the smoke exhaust fan. (link the smoke detector or manual call point activation to the smoke exhaust fan)
3. When the power distribution cabinet is in manual state, press the start button on the power distribution cabinet.
The start-up mode of positive pressure fan is the same as that of exhaust fan.

Smoke exhaust fire valve: It is installed in smoke exhaust system pipeline, when the temperature in the smoke exhaust pipeline reaches to 280 C degrees, the fuse piece will melt, the valve automatically close with force of the torsional spring. The fan stops working, so that the system no longer exhaust smoke.

Fire-proof valve: Installed in the supply and return air pipelines of ventilation and air-conditioning systems, usually in an open state. When the temperature of gas in the pipeline reaches to 70 C, the fuse piece will melt, and the valve will automatically close with force of the torsional spring. Smoke and fire will be prevented.
Measurement of Testing Instruments for Smoke exhaust system and air supply system

Using digital anemometer to measure the air velocity of mechanical exhaust and positive pressure air supply. The anemometer should be close to the mechanical exhaust or positive pressure air outlet. The air velocity of mechanical exhaust should be less than 10m/s, and the air velocity of positive pressure air supply should be less than 7m/s.

Using digital microbarometer to measure the residual pressure of the elevator front chamber, the use steps of microbarometer are as follows: the environmental requirement of the test is to open the positive pressure air supply fan and the positive pressure air supply outlet in the sealed elevator front chamber. Start the machine firstly, then adjust the zero point, then connect the hose of the positive pole to the elevator front chamber, connect the hose of the negative pole to the external atmospheric pressure, and the residual pressure of the elevator front chamber is 25-30pa. The residual pressure of smoke-proof staircase is between 40 and 50 PA.
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