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  • New UK telecare services certification scheme
    SSAIB, a UK certification body for organizations providing a variety of electronic security, manned guarding services, fire protection, intruder and other alarm systems, unveiled an audit scheme for the increasingly important social alarms sector.
    Editor / Provider: SSAIB | Updated: 2012 / 10 / 8
  • Romanian Police Equipped with Traffic Safety Systems Mobile Surveillance Solution
    Traffic Safety Systems (TSS), part of AD Group, has delivered a multimillion pound in-vehicle surveillance order to the Romanian Police for 449 of its radar systems. The deal is the single order fulfilled by the company for its roads policing equipment. This Romanian contract reflects an overall exp
    Editor / Provider: Traffic Safety Systems | Updated: 2010 / 8 / 26
  • Bencent Releases Transient Protection Solution in HDMI
    HDMI has been a hot topic among security players. In order to stabilize products for high resolution images, they require reliable components to ensure performance. Bencent Electronics, one of the leading suppliers in over-voltage protection, just released an HDMI over-voltage protection solution to
    Editor / Provider: Submitted by Bencent Electronics | Updated: 2010 / 8 / 25
  • Bencent Releases Effective Surge and ESD Protection Combined Component
    Bencent Electronics, a leading provider of over-voltage protection components and solutions, released its innovative thyristor surge suppresser (TSS) product for surge and ESD protection. The TSS, named BS0060N-C, is the latest innovation component.
    Editor / Provider: Submitted by Sandy Chen, Overseas Channel Manager | Updated: 2010 / 7 / 27
  • Adtech Global Solutions Acquires VMS Provider Telindus Surveillance Solutions
    With a continuous commitment to adding technology to its portfolio of product offerings, Adtech Global Solutions (AGS) acquired intellectual property and the ongoing business operations of Telindus Surveillance Solutions (TSS), a subsidiary of Telindus Group and part of the Belgacom Group of Compani
    Editor / Provider: Adtech Global Solutions | Updated: 2010 / 5 / 6