Bencent Releases Effective Surge and ESD Protection Combined Component

Bencent Releases Effective Surge and ESD Protection Combined Component

Bencent Electronics, a leading provider of over-voltage protection components and solutions, released its innovative thyristor surge suppresser (TSS) product for surge and ESD protection. The TSS, named BS0060N-C, is the latest innovation component.

The traditional thyristor surge suppresser (TSS) for circuit protection is for anti-surge. If ESD protection is required as well, TVS or MLV must be added. This kind of design not only adds complexity to the PCB layout, but also increases the cost of the port protection, especially for security surveillance manufacturers.

At the same time, security applications have expanded from indoor to outdoor environments, such as highways, railroads, military installations and mountain areas. The protection defined in ITU-T. K20/K21/K45 basic level 1.5KV at 10/700μS becomes too weak for real-life situations. For more protection, the enhanced level 6KV@10/700μS is adopted by more end users. If high-level surge protection is combined with anti-ESD function in a single chip, it is perfect for security customers.

With its strong R&D resources and core intellectual property, Bencent Electronics started the BS0060N-C project two years ago, after listening to customer requirements for DVRs and cameras. Developing the Micro-TSS technology presented an opportunity as well as a challenge to Bencent. After several field tests and verification, Bencent followed customer requirements step by step. With an updated wafer design and solution review, the BS0060N-C is in mass production to customers.

The BS0060N-C is in SMB (DO214AA) size. With a reference circuit design and layout, it passes the test of ITU-T.K20/K21/K45 6KV@10/700μS, IEC61000-4-2 ESD 8KV (contact) and 15KV (air). Its off-state capacitance was less than 100pF, measured at 1MHz with a 2V bias. The most significant result was ultra low residual voltage and the quickest response compared to parts from competitors.

It ensures all parts have anti-ESD when used in the circuit for surge protection. It is suitable for audio visual (Video) port protection. This solution targets customers in surveillance, such as DVR and camera makers.

“Bencent really got the project done and met our requirements,” said Qian Xuefeng, Project Manager at Hikvision. “Their R&D and FAE team turned ‘Mission Impossible' to ‘Mission Accomplished.' I appreciate Bencent's hard work, and sincerely hope it grows stronger in product development and market.”

Bencent emphasizes esponsive customer care. “This is a successful case of our cooperation with our customers to develop this part, as our customers drive our R&D to benefit end users,” said Paul Tsar, CEO of Bencent Electronics. “We deliver true value to our customers. Bencent is proud to be an innovationbased company.”

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